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1st January 2024
Year In Review 2023
[Alan Wake 2 Launches, New Logo, Old Gods Album]

Happy New Year! At the start of every year, we look back at the past twelve months, at the events we looked forward to and the events that came as a surprise. Going into 2023, we were counting down the days until the launch of Alan Wake 2, but we also had unforeseen treats along the way, including Old Gods of Asgard's debut album, Herald of Darkness performed live at the Game Awards, and Remedy's rebrand.

While it was a year of excitement, there was also sad news with the closure of the Google Stadia and of the CrossfireX servers. We also lost acting legends Lance Reddick and James McCaffrey, both individuals leaving their mark on the community and studio. 

If you're interested in previous retrospectives, take a look here: 2012201320142015201620172018201920202021 and 2022. Thank you for spending 2022 with us!

Here's what happened across those past twelve months...

2022 - Year In Review
In 2022, we had the release of CrossfireX (along with two Remedy-created campaigns), the surprise launch of Alan Wake Remastered on Nintendo Switch, and "Heron" was confirmed as Control 2. It was also our tenth anniversary!


1st January - #JesseJanuary Returns for Second Year
Kicking off the year, the Control community celebrated the second year of #JesseJanuary by exploring the FBC through the lens of a virtual photographer. Originally created by Lily Ashby (@LaSimilicious). [Image: @CaptureControl]
2nd January - Sam Lake Cover Story in Pelaaja Magazine
In a special issue celebrating Sam's career, Janne Pyykkönen sat down with the Creative Director for an extensive interview, exploring the writer's youth, inspirations, and working at Remedy. 

Sony's brand-new accessible controller was revealed in January. The peripheral is a split-design controller, with customization at the forefront of its design, allowing those with physical disabilities to get the set-up they need.

A reveal that many Quantum Break fans were hoping for, DechartGames took on Monarch Solutions in a brand new playthrough. The livestream featured Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart (Amy Ferrero).

Held in Collaboration with Akateemiset Pelaajat and Suomen Pelimuseo, Ville Susi held a special free two-hour lecture on Remedy's Max Payne titles following news of their remakes.

In mid-January, Google Stadia closed down and ceased operations months after its announcement. Control Ultimate Edition had launched on the platform just eighteen months earlier.
In a YouTube retrospective, Moira explores the world of the FBC, talking about their love for the game, delving into the story, and sharing their ideas on the characters and the concepts of the adventure.


Things had been a little quiet on the public side for the past year, but February saw the first shift with both Sam Lake and Kyle Rowley speaking to GamesRadar+ about Alan Wake 2. [Image: SamLakeRMD]
3rd February - Filippo Tarpini's Control Graphical Mod
Filippo joined the studio in February 2020 as their Senior Unreal Engine Developer, but their hobby saw them return to the FBC, releasing an unofficial mod that made a number of major graphical improvements.

In early February, Smilegate posted a letter for Crossfire X players announcing the sad news that servers were set to close down in mid-May. The closure would also impact both Remedy campaigns. 

4th February - The Sudden Stop Turns Eleven!
In 2023, The Sudden Stop Turned 11! To celebrate the day, we held a cat-themed photo editing competition where one winner collected a Remedy prize pack with an FBC Mug and Barry's Xmas Coffee Blend.

10th February - Financial Statement 2022
In early February, Remedy released its complete financial statement for the previous year, covering the final quarter of the year and a wrap-up of 2022. The statement also provided updates on the projects underway. 

A new update for the Nintendo Switch edition of Alan Wake Remastered was released in mid-February, which improved overall framerate and performance.


1st March - Vehkela Talks USD with Nvidia Developer

Six months after the studio's USD keynote went live, Mika Vehkala (Director of Technology at Remedy) returned to the topic in a special Q&A with Nvidia.

2nd March - Antti Tiihonen's Stuffo the Puzzle Bot
Released in early March, Stuffo, the Puzzle Bot, is a mobile and Steam game developed by Antti Tiihonen (a former developer and current freelancer at Remedy). 

13th March - Community Spotlight: Lily
Visit the Control fandom, and one of the first pieces of work you will likely see will be by one of the community's most prolific photographers, Lily. Her passion for the game has shaped the fandom and influenced studio events.

16th March - Breaking Down Northlight
In mid-March, Remedy delved into the work that goes on behind the studio's in-house engine, Northlight. The move for the first step in a new direction that brings the team's work more into public view.

In 2023, we heard the sad news that Lance Reddick had passed away from natural causes at home. The actor brought to life many characters throughout his extensive career, including Quantum Break's Martin Hatch.

20th March - Remedy at GDC 2023
With pandemic restrictions lowering, Remedy returned to GDC! Alongside networking and a studio-sponsored gathering, Patrik Rosander (Senior Concept Artist at Remedy Stockholm) spoke about matte painting in games. 

20th March - Remedy Annual Report 22 Out
In the report, the studio reflected on 2022 and revisited their 2025 objectives; how they are progressing, and how they plan to achieve them, alongside featuring developer and community interviews.

A crossover that we weren't expecting! Players who purchased The Last of Us Part 1 via the Epic Games Store and completed the main story unlocked a special Oh Deer Diner t-shirt for Ellie.


Seven years after its launch on Xbox One and Windows Store, Microsoft and Remedy announced that the game would be temporarily pulled from digital stores following expiring music licenses. 

As Remedy expands in Sweden and relaxes into a multi-project setup, the studio returned to its most iconic imagery as part of a brand refresh to reflect its new direction.

2023 marked the 20th anniversary of Poets of the Fall! For the milestone, they released new merchandise and started their special commemorative tour.

Twenty days after Quantum Break was removed from digital storefronts, Aaron Greenberg (VP of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft) announced its return. 

26th April - Remedy Business Review Q1 2023
In the studio's new Business Review, we heard that Alan Wake 2 moved to the "last major phase of full production", as Control 2 and Max Payne 1&2 both entered into the proof-of-concept stage.

In mid-April, Remedy Sweden moved into their permanent offices in Södermalm, Stockholm. which had recently finished construction. Until then, they had set up a temporary base in the same office building. 


Fellow Traveller announced Time & Galaxy, a wholesome brand-new story-focused title developed by Ben Gelinas (Writer on Control) and Copychaser Games. 
Rowan Hansen's name may be particularly familiar to Control fans, and this year they celebrated a major achievement! At the end of February 2023, Rowan self-published their debut novel, The Art of Betrayal.

Ilkka Villi, Matthew Porretta, and Sam Lake (Creative Director) recorded a special message for fans for Alan Wake's 13th anniversary. Fans also celebrated the day by creating their own incredible art!

A team from Remedy travelled to Kraków, Poland, for Digital Dragons 2023, which saw a panel, a fireside chat, and a lecture with Mikael Kasurinen and Maciej Binkowski. On their final day, the studio hosted a Beer Mingle.

18th May - Smilegate Closes Down CrossfireX
In mid-May, Smilegate closed down the servers for CrossfireX, ending access to the multiplayer and single-player campaigns. The single-player campaigns were developed by Remedy. 

22nd May - Anna Megill's Writing Guide Launches
Anna Megill's new book, The Game Writing Guide: Get Your Dream Job and Keep It, was published! Ahead of the launch, she spoke about her book and shared an extract from it.

24th May - Alan Wake 2 Launch Date & Trailer
Remedy kickstarted Alan Wake 2's promotional campaign in a surprise PlayStation Showcase appearance. We saw a brand-new trailer, new key art, a PlayStation Blog article, a letter from Sam, and so much more during the night!

26th May - Lake, Price and Liburd talk Saga
Following the PlayStation Showcase, Gamespot sat down with Sam Lake, Hannah Price (Performance Director), and Melanie Liburd (Actor) to talk about the process of bringing Saga Anderson to life. 


In early June, Remedy and Airam announced a collaborative project which saw Alan Wake's iconic blue Oh Deer Diner thermos brought to life. The limited edition run would originally be scheduled to go live in September.
2nd June - Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes #1
Heading into the Summer, Remedy began a new behind-the-scenes video series, starting with a look at our new protagonist, Saga Anderson

6th June - Community Creations / Alan Wake 2 Trailer
With new Alan Wake content, the fandom burst alive with creativity. While interest in the series never went away, the PlayStation Showcase rekindled the community's imagination with a new wave of artwork. [Image: @HeyThereRist]

7th June - Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Trailer Analysis
Ahead of the Summer Game Fest, we returned for a closer look at Alan Wake 2's Gameplay Trailer and discovered some interesting tidbits about what lies in wait for our two protagonists.

8th June - Summer Game Fest / Stage & Gameplay
As promised, in early June, we got the first unedited glimpse of gameplay footage for Alan Wake 2 and learned more about what awaits us as Sam Lake took to the stage.

9th June - Summer Game Fest / Finnish Media Wrap-Up
Following the Alan Wake 2 gameplay trailer, the Finnish media has been buzzing about the studio's next adventure, particularly as the game was set to feature local acting legend Peter Franzén.
10th June - Summer Game Fest / Preview Wrap-Up
The Summer Game Fest 2023 Play Days kicked off after the broadcast. Over two days,  Remedy showcased a 30-minute hands-off demo to invited media.

10th June - Summer Game Fest / Interview Wrap-Up
Alongside the thirty-minute demo, Sam Lake, Molly Maloney, and Kyle Rowley spoke to the press about their next adventure.

10th June - Summer Game Fest / Community Coverage
With Summer Games Fest now over, we wanted to take a look back at a couple of fantastic community reports we saw during that week from PayneReactor, Gaming University, and Hidden Machine. 

10th June - Summer Game Fest / New Alan Wake 2 Clips
A series of clips from the Play Days hands-off demo were made available to the media to feature in videos talking about the game, providing an extra three minutes of gameplay footage for fans.

10th June - Summer Game Fest / Social Media
While a limited few were able to attend the Summer Game Fest Play Days, we got a glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes from the studio and developers through social media. 

It may not be out yet, but it's already collecting awards. Following the event in LA, Summer Games Fest revealed the list of most anticipated titles, as voted for by the games media at their event, with the overall award going to Alan Wake 2.

23rd June - Saga Anderson Official Cosplay Guide
With Saga Anderson in the focus for the first part of their marketing, the studio has released a cosplay guide for the character's look, providing a close-up of her incredible outfit.

27th June - Poets of the Fall's Limited Ultraviolet Range
If you saw Poets of the Fall during their Ultraviolet tour, you could now take home a piece of the band's history with bags created out of the recycled tour backdrops.

28th June - Minnaert on OpenUSD Content Workflows
In a second article on Remedy's Northlight technology, Kristof Minnaert (Principal Technical Artist/Pipeline Lead) talked about the upcoming inclusion of OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description) within their content pipeline workflows.

27th June - Play Magazine's Alan Wake 2 Cover
Remedy's highly anticipated title, Alan Wake 2, marks its magazine cover debut in Play Magazine's August 2023 Edition. Jess Kinghorn gave us a ten-page special on live-action, Nightingale's return, and horror.

29th June - Alan Wake 2 Behind the Scenes #2
In the second instalment of their Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes series, "Chapter 2: Remedy's Dream Game", the studio delves into how the concept for the game has changed over the years and how they approached the challenge.


4th July - PlayStation Plus w. Alan Wake Remastered
PlayStation Plus members were able to check out Alan Wake Remastered for free throughout July, alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cross-Gen Bundle and Endling - Extinction is Forever.

4th July - Pelaaja's Alan Wake 2 Cover
Pelaaja's July edition featured a seven-page feature that includes a preview of Alan Wake 2 and interviews with the developers. In the issue, they discuss Finnish culture, Agent Nightingale, and exploration.

20th July - Remedy's Europe Playtest Session
Following their Finland-based playtest in April, Remedy has expanded their sights in July, putting a call out for those based in Europe who are interested in trying out an unnamed game.

21st July - Alexey Savvon's Max Payne 3 Mod
To mark Max Payne's 22nd Anniversary, Alexey Savvon released a perfectly nerdy tribute to the classic adventure, creating a Max Payne 3 mod that brings back the original actor, Sam Lake.

22nd July - Dechart Games Explores Bright Falls
In early mid-July, Dechart Games made their debut trip to Bright Falls in their livestream of Alan Wake Remastered. The game was chosen in preparation for the sequel's launch later in the year. 

25th July - Creative Bloq's Interview 
Ciara Creagh-Peschau (Photogrammetry Artist, Alan Wake 2) and Johannes Richter (Head of VFX, Alan Wake 2) talk about foliage, plants, fog, moss, and how their team is helping to set the scene in Remedy's upcoming adventure.


10th August - EDGE's Alan Wake 2 Issue (#388)
With a sixteen-page cover feature, EDGE Magazine celebrated the upcoming launch of Alan Wake 2. Two versions of the issue were available, one exclusive to subscribers.

11th August - David Harewood Joins Cast
After the release of EDGE Magazine's exclusive Alan Wake 2 coverage, Reemdy shared the news that British actor David Harewood would be joining the Alan Wake 2 cast as the mysterious Warlin Door. 

11the August - Remedy's H1 Financial Review
In their financial report covering the first half of 2023, Remedy talked about the marketing success of Alan Wake 2 at the PlayStation Showcase and Summer Games Fest. 

17th August - Alan Wake 2 Delayed
In mid-August, Remedy and Epic Games announced that the release date for Alan Wake 2 would be delayed for a week to provide distance between other major releases. 

18th August - Remedy's Visual Exploration of Logo
Earlier in the year, Remedy redesigned its iconic bullet logo, taking on a "fresh and refined look". To celebrate their anniversary, they published a video featuring a visual exploration of the new look. 

22nd August - Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023
For Gamescom 2023, Remedy's focus was very much on Alan's experience in the Dark Place. On Opening Night Live, Sam Lake took to the stage for a special interview and trailer

24th August - Gamescom 2023 Day 1 Wrap-Up
On Day #1 of Gamescom 2023, we got the first wave of interviews and previews from a forty-five-minute hands-on demo shown to selected press at a local theatre. 

24th August - Shawn Ashmore Joins Cast
At Gamescom, news broke that Quantum Break star Shawn Ashmore would be joining the Alan Wake 2 cast as Bright Falls Sherrif, Tim Breaker. 

25th August - Gamescom 2023 Day 2 Wrap-Up
On Day #2 of Gamescom, Remedy announced a new pre-order bonus for Saga Anderson and invited fans to take a photo at their themed booth to redeem an Alex Casey poster.

26th August - Gamescom 2023 Day 3 Wrap-Up
As the week began to draw to an end, things got a little quieter, but we were still treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the press-exclusive demo and saw new previews from PC Gamer, Dexerto, and international press. 

27th August - Control's Fourth Anniversary
To celebrate the milestone, Antonela Pounder (Director of Global Community at 505 Games) wrote a special article for the Control website, talking about the team's feelings ahead of the launch, new fanwork, and comments from superfans. 

27th August - Community-Created Control Zine
In late August, Wendy and Zath released the first instalment of the FBC Zine. The 135-page zine was created as part of the Control world and was open to artists and fan fiction authors.

28th August - Gamescom 2023 Weekend Wrap-Up
Over the Gamescom weekend, we saw the first Oh Deer Diner Thermoses out in the wild and a wave of previews from The Sixth Axis, Future Game Show, Fandom Wire, and Dot Esports. 


1st September - Games Helsinki 2023
At the turn of the month, Games Helsinki, a free networking event for game developers, kicked off the month. Packed with talks, the schedule began with Juha Vainio's "Staying in Control - Years Following the Acclaimed AAA Game".

2nd September - NVIDIA at Gamescom 2023
NVIDIA was back at Gamescom this year with a series of brand-new reveals and in-depth analysis of upcoming tech, with a certain sequel in the spotlight!

6th September - IGN FIRST, Alan Wake 2 Gameplay
IGN kicked off its month-long exclusive coverage of Remedy's upcoming adventure, starting with eleven minutes of never-before-seen gameplay footage of Chapter 3: Local Girl.

7th September - Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes #3
In a new behind-the-scenes episode, Remedy looks at the writer's mental state and explores depths of the Dark Place in a twisted version of New York City, with psychological horror elements specifically curated for him.

10th September - Fear Fest: Black Summer 2023
During Fear Fest: Black Summer 2023's five-hour livestream, we heard from Sam Lake as he shared new details on Alan Wake 2's dual narrative structure and what inspired the team.

11th September - IGN FIRST, Hands-On
IGN FIRST shares the first hands-on preview of Alan Wake 2 as they explore the third chapter of Saga's story, Local Girl

15th September - Celebrating DeerFest 2023
To celebrate Deerfest in mid-September, we arranged a giveaway where one lucky winner could get an EDGE UK issue with a cover feature on Alan Wake 2 and a rare "Welcome to Bright Falls" promotional t-shirt.

15th September - IGN FIRST, Movies & TV Shows
IGN FIRST delved into the inspirations behind Remedy's upcoming game, Alan Wake 2. In the new eight-minute video, the team discuss the shows and films that influenced the game. 

20th September - Kinda Funny Podcast Visit
While in Los Angeles for The Game Awards, Sam Lake joined the Kinda Funny Games Daily livestream to discuss the latest gaming news and delve a little deeper into what awaits Alan.  

20th September - IGN FIRST, Alan Meets Alex Casey
As part of their month-long coverage, IGN FIRST revealed the initial introduction between Alan Wake and his seemingly fictional protagonist, Alex Casey. The footage shown was from 4K RTX recorded gameplay.

21st September - Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes #4
In their fourth behind-the-scenes video, we saw the Alan Wake 2 team delve deeper into the audio and music behind the upcoming adventure, and we saw the return of Petri Alanko and Poets of the Fall.

22nd September - Remedy Sweden Anniversary Mixer
To celebrate their official first anniversary and to meet new friends in the city, Remedy Sweden held a new mixer for fellow developers in the Stockholm region.

22nd September - IGN FIRST, Dual Protagonists

With Alan Wake 2's story told through two perspectives, IGN explored the process of creating and following dual protagonists within a single story, featuring interviews from two key members of the dev team.

25th September - Sam Lake Joins D.I.C.E. Reykjavík
At the D.I.C.E. event in Reykjavík, Arne Meyer hosted a fireside chat with Sam Lake, discussing topics from how Remedy has expanded, how the Alan Wake series has evolved, and the game industry.

26th September - IGN FIRST, Remedy Connected Universe
IGN's News and Features Editor, Matt Purslow, explored the topic of the Remedy Connected Universe, looking into what it is, what it isn't, and the studio's future plans.

27th September - Press Embargo Lifts (LA Event)
The embargo was lifted for the LA Alan Wake 2 press and influencer event, with a lengthy demo, interviews, and a special panel with Ilkka Villi, Matthew Porretta, Melanie Liburd, Sam Lake, Shawn Ashmore, and Janina Gavanka.
28th September - Poets of the Fall Reveals Rebirth
In late September, the band announced a new album... with a twist. If you're a fan of Old Gods of Asgard (and frankly, who isn't), they announced their debut album Rebirth - Greatest Hits, a compilation album launching in late 2023!  

28th September - GamesRadar+ Explores Alan Wake 2 Set
Following a visit to the live-action Alan Wake 2 set, Josh West (GamesRadar+) detailed his experience, providing a unique glimpse at what it was like behind the camera for some of Alan Wake 2's ambitious live-action shots. 

29th September - IGN FIRST, The Story So Far
As the month drew to a close, they rounded off their coverage with a piece that looks back over the past thirteen years, with Sam Lake talking about the story so far. 

30th September - Janina Gavankar Joins Alan Wake 2
In September, it was revealed that Star Wars Battlefront II star Janina Gavankar would be joining the Alan Wake 2 cast as Kiran Estevez, the Federal Bureau of Control Agent.


The month kicked off with the release of the highly-anticipated limited edition Oh Deer Diner Thermos! If you were lucky, you could find the collectables in stores throughout Finland or for international delivery through VPD.

6th October -  Alan Wake 2 Chapter Songs Revealed
In early October, Remedy and Fried Music announced their collaboration: custom end-of-chapter songs for Alan Wake 2. Alongside the reveal, there was also a new behind-the-scenes episode, plus photographs and interviews.

7th October - Rebirth Tracklist & Intro 
Following the end-of-chapter song collaboration the day before, Poets of the Fall released their tracklist for Rebirth - Greatest Hits, with Sam Lake introducing the band to new fans.

7th October - Epic Games Sends out First ARG Box
Sent out by Epic Games, the first press boxes for Alan Wake 2 started landing on doorsteps, but with a twist. Inside was the welcome pack for an ARG, which used real-world puzzles to connect to the lore of the game.

8th October - Golden Joystick Awards Nominations
Golden Joystick Awards 2023 revealed their list of nominations in October, with Remedy and Alan Wake 2 nominated for Studio of the Year and Best Game Trailer for The Dark Place Gameplay Trailer.

10th October - Alan Wake To Arrive in Fortnitemares 2023 
In their highly-anticipated Fortnitemares 2023 update, Epic Games announced a new Alan Wake 2 skin, complete with "satchel back-bling", an Angel Lamp, and a weapon wrap. 

13th October - PUBG Studio Teases Collaboration 
In a teaser posted on their social media accounts, PUBG Studios wrote, "A new collaboration is coming up soon. But we won't tell you with whom. #AlanWake2 #pubgmobile"

13th September - Alan Wake 2 at EGX 2023
Two weeks ahead of the game's launch, Sam Lake took to the EGX Theatre stage to talk about Alan Wake 2 in a special fireside chat with Christopher Dring. You can read our coverage of the event HERE

13th October - Alan Wake 2 Launch T-Shirt
Two weeks away from the launch of Alan Wake 2, Remedy celebrated its imminent arrival with a new item to their official store: the definitive Alan Wake 2 T-shirt.

14th October - Max Payne 2's Anniversary 
Today marks twenty years since Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne launched! For the day, we wanted to revisit some of our favourite Max Payne 2-themed posts. [Image: @therealzomb]

15th October - Humble's Fright of Your Life Bundle 
Over 7000 Fright of Your Life Humble Bundles were bought in October, a special horror pack featuring nine games for $13, including Alan Wake Collector's Edition.

16th October - Kranitoko's New Documentary 
Ahead of the sequel's launch, Charlie Murray (aka Kranitoko) looked back over the past thirteen years, examining the journey that the developers had taken to bring Alan Wake 2 to life.

16th October - Makia Teases Collaboration 
In mid-October, Finnish clothing company Makia shared a teaser on social media hinting towards a new collaboration with Remedy for a special Alan Wake 2 project.

17th October - Alan Wake: Flashback in Fortnite
Gamers could explore Bright Falls in a brand new way with Fortnite's Alan Wake: Flashback! Built using the Unreal Editor, the adventure is intended to bring players up to speed with the events of the original game.

19th October - Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes #5

In their fifth behind-the-scenes video, Remedy delved into how Saga and Alan use their strengths to journey deeper into the mystery.

19th October - Sam Lake Reveals Poe Collab 
In October, Sam Lake revealed a brand new collaboration with Poe, which would see the artist return for the sequel with a new track, This Road (AW)

20th October - PC Requirements Revealed 
With a week to go until the release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy revealed the PC requirements for the game, breaking down what is needed to run the game at different settings, as well as ray-tracing options. 

21st October - Looks Back on MP2
For the game's anniversary, Khee Hoon Chan looked back on Max Payne 2's legacy and influence in a special article for

21st October - Alan Wake 2 In [lock-on] Vol.006 
In Lost In Cult [lock-on] Vol. 006, Ashley Esqueda will be delving into the world of Alan Wake 2, with an interview with Sam Lake, alongside brand new artwork and photographs used for the second adventure. 

26th October - Press Embargo for Reviews 
Press embargos for Alan Wake 2 lifted the day before the game's launch, releasing a huge flood of new information, new perspectives, and new tributes. 

27th October - Alan Wake 2 Launches 
After thirteen years, Alan Wake's journey through the dark has continued. Alan Wake 2 launches worldwide and digitally today! For the occasion, we had a Thermos giveaway, and Sam wrote a special piece on the Alan Wake website.

27th October - BAFTA's Alan Wake 2 Interviews
Coinciding with the release of Alan Wake 2, BAFTA published a special mini-documentary packed with interviews from key developers after a deep-dive visit at the Espoo-based offices. 

27th October - Makia Collection Launches 
On launch day, Makia revealed their new collaboration, a clothing range to mark the release of Alan Wake 2. The Cult Collection was exclusive to the Makia store and was available both online and at physical stores.

29th October - Alan Wake 2 Escape Room 
Ahead of the release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy and Epic Games invited JackSepticEye and Gab Smolders for a special Alan Wake-themed escape room, appropriately called Escaping the Dark Place.

30th October - Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes #6:
With the release of the highly-anticipated sequel, Remedy released its final episode in the Alan Wake 2: Behind the Scenes video series, exploring horror, the Remedy Way. 

31st October - Fortnite Skin Available to All 
For players looking to bring their love for Alan Wake into Fortnite, the collaborative bundle became available to all. Those who purchased Alan Wake 2 on Epic Games would automatically unlock the outfit.  

31st October - Business Review Q3 Report 
Remedy looked back at the successful launch of Alan Wake 2, as Alan Wake Remastered recouped its dev and marketing investments, and Max Payne and "Condor" progressed into the production readiness stage.


Chief People Officer Mikaela Öberg departed the studio on November 2nd, taking up the role of Senior Vice President of People and Development at Varma. 

3rd November - The Stupendium's Song
The Stupendium shared their latest brilliant song, The Ribbon, inspired by Alan Wake 2. Known to Remedy nerds for the piece Slide Into The Voidfor their latest outing, the channel worked with Epic and Remedy.
8th November - iam8bit Oh Deer Diner Sales
A smaller second batch of Oh Deer Diner coffee thermoses went live on iam8bit and sold out within seconds. Disappointed fans were reassured that a larger batch is estimated to arrive in early 2024.

10th November - Golden Joystick Awards Nominations
Remedy took home the Critics' Choice Award for Alan Wake 2 at the Golden Joystick Awards, with Remedy's Communications Director receiving the trophy on behalf of the studio.

12th November - Pocket Gamer Connects 2023
Veli-Pekka Puolakanaho (Head of Corporate Development and IR at Remedy) and Tommi Lappalainen took to the Finest Finland Stage for the fireside chat on Steps Towards Sustainability - Cases Remedy & Rovio.

13th November - The Game Awards Nominations 
Alan Wake 2 was nominated across eight categories: Best Performance, Best Art Direction, Best Score & Music, Best Audio Design, Best Narrative, Best Action/Adventure Game, Best Game Direction, and Game of the Year.

14th November - Vanguard Revised To Kestral
In mid-November, Remedy announced a reboot of its cooperative, free-to-play multiplayer game project codenamed “Vanguard”. Going forward, “Kestrel”, is to be a premium game with a strong, cooperative multiplayer component. 

15th November - Herald of Darkness Music Video
Poets of the Fall, under their fictional alter-ego Old Gods of Asgard, released their new music video for Herald of Darkness, the first single for the upcoming album Rebirth - Greatest Hits

17th November - MCV/DEVELOP's 30 Under 30
Holly Reddaway (Voice and Performance Director on CrossfireX and Alan Wake 2) was named in MCV/DEVELOP's incredible 30 Under 30 list for 2023!

18th November - Alan Wake 2 Cosplay Guides
If you're planning on taking on Alan Wake or Saga Anderson as your next big cosplay project, Remedy and Epic Games have two guides that may be just what you need.

20th November - Wikberg's Saga Sweater Guide 
In late November, Remedy published a PDF document detailing how to recreate Saga Anderson's Nordic-themed sweater, designed by Finnish artist Minttu Wikberg.

23rd November - Alan Wake 2 Fansite Kit
For Remedy fans looking to carve their own section of the internet, the studio just published the Official Alan Wake 2 Fankit, with emotes, wallpapers, cosplay guides and more. 

28th November - Lenovo 3DJuegos Awards 2023 
At the Lenovo 3DJuegos Awards 2023, Alan Wake 2 won the Best Graphics category, with Lorenzo Beteta listed as a finalist in "Best Spanish Interpretation" as the Spanish voice of Alan Wake.

29th November - Open Creative House x SHINE
Slush side event, Open Creative House x SHINE! took a closer look at Alan Wake 2 in a case study focusing on its music. The panel featured Ville Sorsa, Olli Tukiainen, Petri Alanko and Riku Salomaa. 

30th November - Pocket Mentor, Video Game Writers

Anna Megill's second book, The Pocket Mentor for Video Game Writers, provides a compact resource for aspiring game writers and was launched in late November.


In addition to being named in MCV/DEVELOP's incredible 30 Under 30 list, Holly Reddaway was announced as part of the BAFTA Breakthrough 2023 talent program. 

6th December - ArtStation Art Blast
In December, ArtStation published its latest Art Blast with a collection of new artwork from the Alan Wake 2 art team, from concept art to lighting screenshots. 
7th December - Giant Bomb at Nite
Ahead of The Game Awards, Sam Lake, Kyle Rowley and Ilkka Villi swung by the Giant Bomb LA offices to take part in their pre-ceremony livestream, Giant Bomb at Nite. 

7th December - The Game Awards 2023
The Game Awards was a huge achievement for Remedy, with Old Gods of Asgard taking the stage for a special performance of Herald of Darkness, along with the developers collecting three awards and details for The Final Draft.

10th December - Old Gods of Asgard in Worldwide Top 10 
Old Gods of Asgard may be a fictional band, but they are making very real headlines. On December 10th, the band's debut album, Rebirth - Greatest Hits, entered the iTunes global top 10 album charts!
11th December - The Final Draft Launches
Released on December 11th, The Final Draft continues the story from where we left our writer, providing a "new ending" which Remedy teases would "spark speculation and theories among our dedicated fans". 

13th December - Pelit Magazine Cover Issue
To wrap up the year, Finnish magazine Pelit released their final issue (December 2023), with their cover feature for Alan Wake 2
15th December - Devs Report Layoffs at 3D Realms  
As developers headed into their festive breaks, the layoffs that impacted the games industry viciously throughout the year, unfortunately, continued with news that developers had been laid off from 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks.

15th December - Alan Wake 2 Launch Party
Remedy celebrated the launch of Alan Wake 2 in mid-December with a special Mirror Peak buffet, a special panel, and with the In Between With Mr Door set. 

16th December - Game of the Year Awards
With media outlets having posted their final reports on the year, we take a look at those articles spotlighting Alan Wake 2.

18th December - James McCaffrey Passes Away
James McCaffrey, the incredible actor behind Max Payne and Control's Zachariah Trench, sadly passed away following a battle with cancer. In his most recent project, he voiced Alex Casey in the Alan Wake sequel.

20th December - Sam Lake Named in Variety500
Remedy's Sam Lake was named in the seventh annual edition of Variety500, a list that explores the top five hundred business leaders shaping the international media industry.

20th December - PS Blog Game of the Year Awards
The community-voted PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards were revealed just before the holidays, with Alan Wake 2 collecting a Platinium, two Golds, two Silvers, and a Bronze Trophy.

22nd December - Remedy Wraps Up 2023
Remedy closed out the week and their year with a new piece of artwork celebrating the season and an article looking back on their adventures these past twelve months. 
22nd December - Season's Greetings From Us!
Every year, we commission a festive artwork from an incredible artist in our community. For 2023, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with Invisible Rain (aka Castle), a long-time fan of Alan Wake.

22nd December - Poets of the Fall's Festive Message

Poets of the Fall, the incredible band behind the Old Gods of Asgard has officially wrapped up their year with a warm message posted on their social media channels.

27th December - Alan Wake 2 Community Thank You
With the end of 2023 fast approaching, Remedy has uploaded a special three-minute video packed with lovely messages from the Alan Wake 2 team as they celebrate the achievements and thank the players for their support.


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