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22nd August 2023
Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 [Part Two]
New Alan Wake 2 Footage, Dark Place Demo

Gamescom kicks off today with Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023, a two-hour livestream teasing the upcoming titles set to launch in the coming months. With October quickly approaching, Remedy was there showcasing their brand new trailer for Alan Wake 2, this time with the writer at the centre of their new demo.

In this post, it's all about the trailer, but if you're interested, you can find the stage interview and trailer introduction with Geoff Keighley and Sam, HERE

In the lead-up, we heard that Remedy made the decision to blend live-action recordings and gameplay sequences for Wake's scenes in the Dark Place to create a dreamlike haze, where the two naturally flow. It's also something that you can really feel in the trailer too. Check it out below! 

Transcript (Video Description Coming Soon): 

Alan Wake (Narrator): In a horror story, there are only victims and monsters, and the trick is not end up as either. But trapped by the genre, we're all ripped to pieces along the way.

Alan Wake: Nooo!

Mr Door: Welcome. We have a great show for you here today. Alan Wake! One of my all-time favourite writers, and guest on the show. He's here to talk about his latest book. Initiation tells the story of a fictional writer named Alan Wake, who's trapped in a nightmare. Desperately trying to find the manuscript of a novel he has forgotten he has written.

Saga Anderson: Did you write these pages, Mr. Wake?

Alan Wake: I'm trying to remember it.

Alex Casey: You're the killer. The Cult leader.

Alan Wake: No! You've got the wrong man!

Alan Wake: It's my fault! It got out.

Saga Anderson: Wake has a double. Where is he now?

Alan Wake: I don't want to be in the story, just write me out of the story.

TV: This is the ritual to lead you on, your friends will meet him when you're gone. 


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