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1st January 2023
Virtual Photography Challenge, #JesseJanuary, Returns

Last year, Lily Ashby created #JesseJanuary, a challenge which tasks Control fans with returning to the Federal Bureau of Control each day to take virtual photos using the in-game Photo Mode. This year it returns with #CaptureControl, a Twitter account now co-run by the event's creator. 

Unlike similar monthly challenges. the only subject in this one is Jesse, with the prompt up to individual interpretation. It could cover only Jesse, her adventures, or her relationships, all the while either staying true to the original title or adding your own take with mods. 

Jump into the challenge on Twitter by posting your own screenshots with the hashtag, #JesseJanuary, or check out what other community members are uploading!

Thank you to Lily and #CaptureControl for running this!


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