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6th September 2023
IGN First Debuts 11 Minutes of New Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

As the build-up towards launch day continues, Simon Cardy (Senior Editorial Producer for IGN) was given an exclusive sneak peek at what Remedy had in store for Alan Wake 2. Today, the website kicked off its month-long exclusive of Remedy's upcoming adventure, starting with eleven minutes of never-before-seen gameplay footage. 

All footage shown is apparently from an early mission in the game, so things won't get too spoilery. Still, if you want to approach the game and all its surprises when the game is out, the clip does show some small reveals that you may want to discover on your own. 

In the gameplay, we see Saga Anderson explore the local scene in Watery's Suomi Hall, interact with some of the locals (including the two Koskela brothers), solve puzzles in her Mind Place, take on some Taken deep in the woods, and visit the chilling Coffee World. There's a lot going on! Interestingly, while set early on, the footage shows Saga's awareness of a story influencing reality, and in the footage, we see how that knowledge can be used to her advantage.

Make sure to keep an eye out for more exciting content! Throughout September, IGN First will be talking more about what awaits Saga and Alan Wake in the darkness. 

Take a look at the footage below! 


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