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23rd December 2023
Season's Greetings from Poets of the Fall
(Old Gods of Asgard)

Poets of the Fall, the incredible band behind the Old Gods of Asgard has officially wrapped up their year with a warm message posted on their social media channels.

Accompanied by a photo gallery, filled with shots from Tiia Öhman, Lari Kauhava, Vesa Sytelä & PictureGroup, the band writes "Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! This has been a special year for us in more ways than one, and we can only thank You - our dear fan, listener, follower, colleague, crew member, partner and/or friend.

"We leave you with a photo gallery of some of the year's highlights - and there were many! From our memorable 20th Anniversary Tour to creating music for Alan Wake 2, and especially that one scene that already seems to have earned its place in video game history (which just blows our gamer minds). We had a real-world #1 album with a band that only exists in a fictional universe - talk about fiction rewriting reality! This year, we played to our biggest audiences ever, both in Finland and globally, and once again we thank You for coming to see us, sometimes over great distances - you are just heroes, each and every one of you!

"For the first time in (at least) 20 years, we go to the new year with no concrete plans, deadlines or major projects underway. We wanted to take a breather from everything, and just concentrate on those famous little things for now. But as you know, everything starts small, and "no plans" can suddenly turn into "so much going on".Here's to you! Stay safe and healthy, listen to great music, and rock on!"

The band has had an incredible year. Alongside celebrating their twentieth anniversary with brand-new merchandise and a special tour, they were also part of the release of Alan Wake 2. For the sequel, they created three special custom songs, with one featured prominently in the chapter, We Sing. In the same month that they released their debut album as Old Gods of Asgard, Rebirth - Greatest Hits, they were rocking out to Herald of Darkness on stage at The Game Awards 2023

Source: Poets of the Fall, Facebook 

Poets of the Fall with David Harewood, Ilkka Villi, and Matthew Porretta


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