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20th November 2023
Minttu Wikberg's Official Saga's Sweater Knitting Guide

If you're looking for a new hobby during the winter months, why not take up knitting?! Today, Remedy has published a PDF document detailing how to recreate Saga Anderson's Nordic-themed jumper from Alan Wake 2, complete with adorable deer.

In the game, Freya knitted the jumper for Saga, a strong human connection in a story about shifting backgrounds.

While the artist isn't mentioned specifically in the documents, Minttu Wikberg is credited as creating the knitting patterns in the game's credits. A local artist based in Southern Finland, her work ranges from illustrations to photography to knitting and often celebrates nature and exploration. With the strong focus in the game of the natural and the supernatural, the collaboration was a seamless fit. If you've visited this blog in the past and you're thinking the name is familiar, Minttu was also behind the Control socks pattern and worked with Sam Lake as the illustrator on Milla Marble and the Mystery of the Missing Grandma. You can follow her work on her website, HERE.

In addition to guides on various sizes, the document also takes readers through each step of creating the deer and repeating tree pattern, plus gives exact yarn colours so you can get an exact match. In keeping with the nature theme, the colours used are Japanese Maple, Jet, Helleborus Heather, Doeskin Heather, and Natural 1 Skein.

You can check out the full guide on the Alan Wake website HERE


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