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21st January 2023
Community Shoutout: Moira's "Why Control is Awesome" Retrospective

When it comes to passionate fans, Control has some of the best. In a recent retrospective posted on their YouTube channel, Moira (aka Mecha_Moira) explores the world of the FBC, talking about their love for the game, delving into the story, and sharing their ideas on the characters and the concepts of the adventure.

The almost-hour-long video is a love letter to the game and an analysis of key concepts in one.

Don't think that just because it's a passionate video, it's going to be a light watch. This video gets IN-DEPTH! For the piece, they looked at how extremism in connection with Dylan's relationship to the Hiss, they reflected on developer lectures to learn how Brutalist architecture was designed and the impact it made on the feel of the game, and their experience of the adventure through a trans lens. The latter is especially touching and highly recommended.

You can watch the full video below or on their YouTube channel, HERE

00:00 Prologue
02:20 Introduction
5:43 Part 1 - Welcome To The Oldest House
17:04 Part 2 - Dylan And The Hiss
25:46 Part 3 - Being Brutal, Perfect Game Design
43:46 Part 4 - A Very Personal Game
51:54 Part 5 - What's more to love?


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