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25th June 2023
Summer Game Fest / Snaps from Los Angeles
Tweets, Instagrams, and Artwork

Recently we celebrated Summer Game Fest, a former-digital event that first began as a way for developers to continue sharing their work during the pandemic. While it was the fourth year of the event, it was the first time the show was broadcast live on stage with an audience. With Alan Wake 2 set to launch in October, Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer) took to the stage to talk to Geoff Keighley about what the studio has in store and to show the first look at raw gameplay footage.

Following the show, developers travelled to Play Days to take part in two days of demos, interviews and showcases. The event itself was invite-only, and the Alan Wake 2 booth was even more behind closed doors, with admittance by invite-only. While a limited few were able to attend, we got a glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes from the studio and developers. 

Summer Game Fest 2023 / Tweets

Twitter became a valuable resource during this time, with many backstage photographs being posted there. The photographs below are from developers and journalists who saw the demo and who publically shared their tweets, using the #SummerGameFest or #AlanWake2 hashtags for those looking for a behind-the-scenes, human look. 

Summer Game Fest 2023 / Instagram

In addition to Twitter, we also saw photographs posted on Instagram. As the platform tends to be more personal and less conversational, we've collected photos from the official channels.

Summer Game Fest 2023 / Reaction Artwork

With the first look at Alan Wake 2 gameplay, the community was... let's say, fairly excited to see what's in store for them in the autumn. Below is a selection of reactions and artwork from international fans as they tuned in to see the broadcast. 


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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