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21st October 2023
Ashley Esqueda Explores Alan Wake 2 with Sam Lake in [lock-on] Vol. 006

In Lost In Cult's [lock-on] Vol. 006, Ashley Esqueda will be delving into the world of Alan Wake 2, with an interview with Creative Director Sam Lake, alongside brand new artwork and photographs used for the second adventure. 

The piece "explores the intricacies of the upcoming Alan Wake 2, in conversation with the legendary Sam Lake. Dive deep into its creative process as we examine one of the medium’s most anticipated releases, supported by a rich gallery of concept art from the game." A sneak peek of that rich gallery can be found on the [lock-on] website, HERE

Sharing the news on Twitter, Ashley excitedly revealed that she was "VERY excited for all of you to experience this visual feast! Alan Wake fans are gonna be FED".

There are three versions available: the softcover (£24.99), the hardcover (£49.99), and the Deluxe edition (£119.99).

Those who purchase the Deluxe edition will also collect a number of extra rewards. Alongside a hardcover copy of Volume 006 (limited and numbered), you will also collect an A3 poster, Mars Attacks-style Alien Hominid trading cards, Castle Crashers papercrafts, Lil Gator Game pin badge, Frog Detective case files zine, The Invincible art print, Oxenfree Poster, C-Smash VRS stickers, Citizen Sleeper art print, Planet of Lana stickers, a flat Yoshitaka Amano cover print, and an Alan Wake 2 poster. The first 400 buyers will also receive a C-Smash 7" vinyl.

While the final design for the Alan Wake 2 poster hasn't been confirmed, Lost in Cult is sharing what the item looks like currently (above). On their website, they expand on the design, stating, "Take home in-universe ephemera from the transfixing world of Alan Wake 2. Pulled straight from the game world, this official Coffee World poster is essential for all who love Remedy Entertainment’s kaleidoscopic universe."

If you're unfamiliar with Lost in Cult, their high-quality journals celebrate games and the developers behind them. They tease their latest instalment as their biggest one yet, "Featuring over 400 pages of long-form essays, custom artwork, and concept galleries, this is the ultimate tribute to the past, present, and future of games culture. From indie to AAA, [lock-on] Vol. 006 leaves no story untold as we voyage through development retrospectives, thoughtful analysis and touching personal reflections."

Learn more or buy the magazine at Lost in Cult, HERE!


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