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15th March 2023
Our 11th Anniversary Competition Results
Task: Edit Cats Into Any Alan Wake Scene

This February, The Sudden Stop turned eleven! To celebrate the anniversary, we ran a competition asking Alan Wake fans to edit cats into any scene from the series. Cheese was at the centre of this competition, so your Photoshop skills weren't being judged. For those who didn't have any photo editing software, Microsoft Paint or were suggested as good options for alternative, free programs. Give us cats, terrible puns, or chaos and we would be happy. 

For the competition, the winner would receive a winter pack containing special Alan Wake-themed coffee created by a Helsinki-based roastery, along with an official Control mug. Both items are also available on the Remedy Store:

Barry's Xmas Blend. For the colder months, the studio has teamed up with a local roastery, Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo to bring Barry's Xmas Blend. Described as a "medium-dark espresso blend with notes of dark chocolate, liquorice and roasted almond gets you a dreamy and creamy dark roast", it is a full bean blend of Brasilia Veloso, India Cherry, and Indonesia Java Baron. The pack contains 250g and can be purchased at the store for 15,00€.

Black Control FBC Mug. Following a successful run on the Remedy Store, the FBC mug is back, this time in black! The minimalistic design features the Federal Bureau of Control's seal in white, which shows up clearly against the shiny black background. The secure beverage container can be purchased at the store for 19,00€.

For this competition, the winning entry was Richard, who submitted this magical piece featuring a cat's choice of destruction in the Dark Place. I like to think this is just moments before the midnight zoomies.

Thank you to everyone who entered or shared the competition. You are all amazing! If you didn't win, don't worry, we'll have more prizes, competitions, and giveaways again soon. 


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