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29th September 2023
IGN Revisits The Story So Far with Sam Lake Ahead of Alan Wake 2

Throughout September, IGN First has been treating fans to exclusive previews of Remedy's upcoming adventure, Alan Wake 2. As the month drew to a close, they rounded off their coverage with a piece that looks back over the past thirteen years with Sam Lake (Creative Director) talking about the story so far. 

For the video, Sam talks about the original Alan Wake game, the DLC packs, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and the story's continuation with Control in one neat package.

On the topic of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, when it was developed, the studio approached it as a side project. The title has since become canon, with Sam describing that "he wrote some episodes [of Night Springs], and now desperately in the Dark Place, he's trying many different things because he keeps failing. He tries to write fiction that would allow him to escape. Change the Dark Place around him to open up and release him." Later, he reveals, "But it's very tricky, oiling the context of how we see American Nightmare is; it's one failed attempt in the context of an episode of Night Springs."


Alan Wake (00:00 - 08:59)
The Signal and The Writer (09:00 - 09:38)
Alan Wake's American Nightmare (09:38 - 12:06)
Control (12:07 - 16:04)


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