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18th November 2023
Official Alan Wake 2 Cosplay Guides Now Available

If you're planning on taking on Alan Wake or Saga Anderson as your next big cosplay project, Remedy and Epic Games have two guides that may be just what you need.

While Saga's Cosplay Guide was originally published on the studio's social media channels back in late June, it's the first time that we've had both protagonists. So, let's take a closer look.. 

In Saga's Cosplay Guide, the studio provides a close-up of her Nordic-themed knitted jumper, her FBI jacket, and her service pistol holster. The jumper is definitely getting some attention on social media, with a lot of fans hoping to see it emerge on the Remedy Store. While players can see the jumper in full on in the Mind Place, she is often with her trusty FBI jacket, as shown in the guide. 

For Alan Wake, the colours are a lot more neutral, with greys, browns, and blues being the main tones. In the latest adventure, his in-game hair is just brushing the collar of his jacket, and he keeps his trusty brown satchel close at hand for those ammo drops. The most complex part of his cosplay is the Angel Lamp, a new addition for the latest title. The guide shows a close-up of the top, and different angles of it, so give you an idea of the overall shape and style of the artifact.

If you end up recreating Saga or Alan's look, make sure to tag us! We would love to see it!


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