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14th May 2023
Remedy to Attend Digital Dragons 2023

This week, Remedy is heading to Kraków, Poland for Digital Dragons 2023, a conference celebrating video games from AAA titles to mobile adventures. If you're attending this week, make sure to check out for the following lectures and networking events...

Monday 15th May 2023

On Horror. Kickstarting the Remedy-activities is "Panel: The Science of Horror" with Mikael Kasurinen (Control Game Director) alongside Tom Heaton (Game Director at Supermassive Games), Kelvin Moore (Project Design Director at Sumo Digital), Mateusz Witczak (former Editor-in-Cheif at, and Wojciech Piejko (Game Director at Bloober Team). The panel will be held at 12pm CEST in Hall S2 Sponsored by Techland. 

Find out more about the event, HERE

Tuesday 16th May 2023

Fireside Chat. On Tuesday, May 16th, Mikael Kasurinen will be taking to the stage with Hubert Sosnowski (Editor of for a fireside chat. The session marked as "Fireside Chat with Mikael Kasurinen, Control Game Director" on the programme is scheduled at 11:00 CEST in Hall S4 B.

Add the event to your schedule, HERE

Better Gameplay. Later at 4pm CEST, Maciej Binkowski (Lead Game Designer at Remedy) will be leading a lecture called "Three Methods I Use To Get Better Gameplay Faster". For those interested in attending, Maciej wrote a little about what to expect, "I'd like to share with you the key processes I use every day to find and improve gameplay faster. I'll show you how to break down player fantasy into playable activities, how to quickly understand the game's structure and conflict, and how to analyze player experience to identify key areas of gameplay to improve." The talk will take place at Hall S2 Sponsored by Techland.

Beer Mingle by Remedy. Following the Indie Showcase Gala, the developers are holding Beer Mingle by Remedy at the ICE Krakow Congress Centre (Marii Konopnickiej 17) at 7am on Tuesday. The networking event is designed to be a casual gathering of like-minded game developers.

Learn more about the events at Digital Dragons, HERE


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