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15th November 2023
Old Gods of Asgard Releases New "Herald of Darkness" Music Video [Contains Spoilers]

This evening, Poets of the Fall, under their fictional alter-ego Old Gods of Asgard, released their new music video for Herald of Darkness, the first single for the upcoming album, Rebirth - The Greatest Hits.  

If you've yet to play the We Sing chapter from Alan Wake, you may want to avoid the video for now and come back to it later, as it uses clips seen during the level. While it's tempting, the level is best experienced first-hand. 

[Watch out, as we talk about Alan Wake 2 spoilers below!]

In the new music video, the band uses footage recorded for the We Sing chapter in which Alan Wake begins his loop in a very different format: a talk show turned musical that will enable the writer to reclaim the items that he needs. 

At the start of both the level and music video, we hear from Mr Door, played by the incredible David Harewood, as he introduces Wake's onstage interview, "Welcome, welcome, welcome! Our guest tonight is Alan Wake. This time, he wanted to do something a little different: a deep dive into who he is as an artist and as a man. Where he comes from, where he draws inspiration, what demons he wrestles with in the dark hours of the night. Together with our house band, the divine Old Gods of Asgard, we have created something very special for you. The song is called Herald of Darkness, but I'd like to call his next segment, 'The Story of the Journey of Alan Wake... the musical!' We'll just do what we always do; we'll chat, but instead of talking, we'll sing it!"

The music video is a celebration of the series and is one of the most memorable levels from the new sequel. It shares new never-before-seen clips and provides HQ versions of sequences shown on the screens around the level, including a very enthusiastic Mr Door. Everyone involved in this is just ridiculously talented. 

Herald of Darkness is the first single in  Rebirth - The Greatest Hits, set to launch on December 8th! You can pre-order the album or one of the special bundles at the band's official store, Backstage Rock Shop.

A perfect collection for any Alan Wake fan, the album includes the four previously released songs by the band: Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse (as featured in Alan Wake), Balance Slays the Demon (from Alan Wake's American Nightmare), and Take Control (as heard in Control). The new songs include those heard in Alan Wake 2, Dark Ocean Summoning, Anger's Remorse and Herald of Darkness, along with two new tracks, The Sea of Night and The Skald Awakens.


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