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CROSSFIRE X Coming To XBOX One, With New Remedy Content

Revealed during the XBOX E3 Media Briefing, CROSSFIRE X, the latest game in the CROSSFIRE series, in partnership with Remedy, will be coming to XBOX One in 2020.

Control News and Reveals from E3 2019

E3 is here, which means that over the next week, we're going to have a new wave of interviews, impressions, articles, gameplay, and more!

New Poets of the Fall Single, Partir Avec Moi

Poets of the Fall, the real-life band behind Alan Wake's Old Gods of Asgard, recently released a new single and a twist on tradition, with Partir Avec Moi

Community Spotlight: Erika's Quantum Break Screenshots

Our May Community Spotlight is Erika Tschinkel and her gorgeous above-4k screenshots of Quantum Break!

Celebrating Alan Wake's Ninth Anniversary

In May, Remedy and the community celebrated the ninth anniversary of Alan Wake with new tributes, artwork, articles and more! [Artwork by InvisibleRain

Control to Launch 27th August 2019!

Following an accidental leak on the Microsoft Store, Game Informer and Remedy have now confirmed the release date for Control. Mark your calendars for August!

Behind the Scenes of Poets of the Fall's War Music Video

To celebrate 15 years of Poets of the Fall (Old Gods of Asgard) we spoke to Director, Akseli Tuomivaara, about creating the Alan Wake-inspired music video, War. [Photo by Tiia Öhman].

Charity Auctions raise £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK!

Our Monarch Gala and Spring Charity Auction raises £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK! With invaluable support from Remedy and Poets of the Fall.

Interviews and Conversations with....

Over the past seven years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some individuals involved including Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, Christopher Forsyth and Brett Kelly.

20th July 2019
Redhill Games Raises $11.4 Million in Funding

Earlier this month, Redhill Games raised $11.4 million in funding from investors led by Makers Fund and Play Ventures, with fiancing from Kowloon Nights.

The funding raised will go into further development of their first game and additional company structuring such as additional staff. While they're keeping their future plans a secret, they've teased what the team has been working on, a free-to-play co-op, tactical shooter different to any other game on the market. The title is currently being soft-launched in Finland and Canada, with an expected launch next year.

Interested? You can follow the studio on Facebook and Twitter.

The studio is packed with familiar names including Matias Myllyrinne (former CEO at Remedy), Miloš Jeřábek (former Production Developer at Remedy), Mikko Uromo (former Technical Director at Remedy) and Ville Assinen (former Concept Artist at Remedy).

Redhill Games consists of a talented team of nineteen (at time of writing) from across Europe, and a dog!

Redhill is currently hiring for the following roles: Animator, Community Lead, Community Manager (EU), Concept Artist, Game Programmer, Lead Character Artist, Lead QA, Level Designer, Monetization Designer, Senior Backend Programmer. If you're interested, check out their listings, HERE

19th July 2019
IGN First Takes A Look at Jesse's Service Weapon

IGN First's latest exclusive look explores the multiple forms of Jesse's Service Weapon.

Joe Skrebels' article breaks down the weapon's various modes including grip (similar to a semi-automatic pistol), spin (burst-fire mode), shatter (similar to a shotgun), pierce (precise but like a firework), and charge (similar to a rocket launcher).

He also explains which situations best fits which mode, and the weapon's power consumption for the heavier modes.

Accompanying the article, IGN has a three-minute video demonstrating each of the modes in turn.

You can check out the full analysis, HERE

18th July 2019
Control's PC Specifications Teased on Epic Store

Despite speculation, things have been rather quiet on the PC requirements side of things. While pre-orders for Control started back in March, the specifications for the game weren't discussed publically, with the additional months being needed to get the precise minimum and recommended hardware and software. That was until recently.

While Remedy hasn't confirmed or shared news of the specifications needed on their social media channels, the Epic Store has recently posted the recommendations in full at the bottom of the Control store page which has caught the attention of various media outlets including GamespotDualShockersPC Gamer, and more.

These are the PC specifications listed by the Epic Store:
Minimum RequirementsOS: Windows 7, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X (or better)
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD RX580 (or better)
For Ray-Tracking: GeForce RTX 2060
Direct X: DX11
Recommended RequirementsOS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Processor: Intel i5-8600K / AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (or better)
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti / AMD Radeon VII (or better)
For Ray-Tracking: GeForce RTX 2080
RAM: 16 GB
DirectX: DX11 / DX12
For Ray-Tracking, the minimum is a GeForce RTX 2060, which makes Control fairly hefty to run but also delivers gorgeous visuals. You can learn more about the ray-tracing and take a look at some gameplay previews, HERE.

▼ We reached out earlier this week to Remedy to double-check the specifications needed. We'll let you know if we hear back or if the requirements are confirmed through their social media.  

17th July 2019
XBOX Super Game Sale Includes Quantum Break In Line-up

This week, Microsoft began their XBOX Super Game Sale, with over 700 XBOX One and PC titles now available at a discounted price, with an addition up to 10% off available for XBOX Gold members. If you've been looking to start a new adventure, now is a perfect time.

The list of deals includes Quantum Break on XBOX One and Windows 10! For both console gamers and PC gamers, the title is available at a staggering 75% off, bringing the price of the game down to just £7.49.

Two months ago, XBOX announced the new XBOX Game Pass Ultimate (including XBOX Games Pass for PC & XBOX One plus XBOX Gold), which is currently being offered with three months for the price of one. The XBOX Games Pass for Console also features Quantum Break in its extensive catalogue.

For the full selection of discounted games, make sure to check out the XBOX Super Game Sale on the official XBOX store, HERE.

Sale ends July 29th 2019.



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