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Control to Launch 27th August 2019!

Following an accidental leak on the Microsoft Store, Game Informer and Remedy have now confirmed the release date for Control. Mark your calendars for August!

GameInformer Coverage of Control [April Issue]

Throughout March, Game Informer will be posting exclusive coverage of Control, featuring interviews with the developers, new gameplay footage, and more!

New Control Box Art Revealed

New box artwork for Control has emerged! While similar to its predesscor, the new promotional image is a gorgeous digital painting similar to American Nightmare's style.

Retrospective: Alan Wake's American Nightmare

To celebrate Alan Wake's American Nightmare's seventh anniversary, we take a closer look at the eight months it was in development.

Remedy's Financial Review 2018

We look at Remedy's Financial Review for 2018 and breakdow the changes that the company has faced over those tweleve months.

Behind the Scenes of Poets of the Fall's War Music Video

To celebrate 15 years of Poets of the Fall (Old Gods of Asgard) we spoke to Director, Akseli Tuomivaara, about creating the Alan Wake-inspired music video, War. [Photo by Tiia Öhman].

Charity Auctions raise £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK!

Our Monarch Gala and Spring Charity Auction raises £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK! With invaluable support from Remedy and Poets of the Fall.

Interviews and Conversations with....

Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some individuals involved including Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, Christopher Forsyth and Brett Kelly.

22nd April 2019
International Control Press Tour
[Reports From USA, Croatia, Finland, England, France, Germany]

This past month, the marketing team at Remedy has been travelling across the globe and talking to media outlets about their upcoming title, Control. We've written about some of those trips including their journey to America to attend the PAX East convention in Boston as well as to California to showcase the game at GDC. But I wanted to create a hub to collect all of the international press and to break down local events.

So far there's been press events in California (USA), Boston (USA), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Helsinki (Finland), London (England), and Paris (France). While this isn't a complete list yet, more articles and interviews will be added as soon as they're posted.

Here's everything we know so far: 

18-22nd March - Games Developer Conference GDC [California, USA]

 Control: Hands-on preview from GDC 2019
 Feature: My GDC Impressions Of Control 
 Hands-on with Control: Weird, unsettling, and Remedy's best-playing game since MP2
     [PC World]
 Control is a Delightfully Strange Shooter with Outstanding Telekinesis Noises
     [Rock Paper Shotgun]

 Developers Talk Film Influences, Photo Mode, and The Oldest House 

28-31st March - PAX East [Boston, USA]

▼ Control Preview - PAX East 2019 Gameplay and Impressions
     [Hansome Phantom]
▼ PAX EAST 2019: Control Video Preview
     [Irrational Passions]
▼ Control Preview - Our First Impressions 
▼ PAX East 2019 Interviews: Control
     [Super Deformed Gamescast]

▼ Hands On: Control
▼ Control Hands-On - Remedy's Next Game Is Easy to, uh, Control
▼ PAX East 2019 Day 3 Previews: Control, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy Forever...

▼ Control More "Open-Ended and "Sandboxy" Than Quantum Break 
▼ "We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out” 
▼ “No, we’re not pivoting away from single-player games,” 

11-13th April - Reboot Develop Blue [Dubrovnik, Croatia]

 Quick Chat With Reboot Develop Speakers [Reboot Develop Blue] at 22mins

 Early April - Remedy Studios [Espoo, Finland]

[Finnish Media]
 Tälläinen On Suomalainen Jättipeli Control 
     [Yle Kioski GAMING]

▼ Kymmenien miljoonien satsaus toteutuu elokuussa – pelaatteko uhkapeliä, Remedy?
Suomen pelialalla osaajapula – tekijöitä pitää rekrytoida maailmalta
▼ Työ pelitalossa vaatii vahvaa intohimoa ja pitkiä päiviä: ”Ei taidetta tehdä yhdeksästä viiteen”

[Italian Media]
▼ Control: 13 Minuti Di Gameplay In Anteprima Con Commento In Italiano

15-16th April - Barbican Centre [London, England] 

▼ Remedy's Next Game is a More Supernatural Quantum Break

▼ Control Hands On Review
▼ Control - Hands-On Impressions
     [GameReactor UK]
▼ Control Sees Remedy At The Height Of Their Supernatural Powers 
     [The Sixth Axis]
 Remedy’s Control is Like a More Supernatural Quantum Break
     [XBOX Achievements]
▼ ‘Control’ Showcases Single-Player Specialist Remedy Ent Celebrating Its Strengths
 Remedy Entertainment’s Mind-Bending Shooter Could Be One Of The Year’s Best
     [Trusted Reviews]

16th April - [Paris, France]  

 Control: On A Enfin Joué Au Nouvaeu Jeu De Remedy, Et C'est Prometteur 
     [Jeux Actu]

18th April - [Hamburg, Germany]  

Previews to come from ComputerBild Spiele, 4Players Magazin, and  

20th April 2019
Control's Lead Producer, Juha Vainio, To Talk At Entertainment Business Area [Helsinki]

Control's Lead Producer, Juha Vainio will be taking to the stage at the Entertainment Business Arena in Helsinki later in the month, to talk about game production on a AAA title, ("Pelituotannon kulisseissa - miten moderni videopeli tuotetaan")

His lecture will take place in the TähtiAreena-Sali on the first floor, and will be held between 13:00 - 13:40. 

The Entertainment Business Area is a one-day conference held in Helsinki at the Helsingin Pörssitalossa (Fabianinkatu 14). Established in 2017, its aim is to bring together talented individuals from the entertainment industry, with a blend of diverse content and different skills, and to provide an atmosphere of learning and the potential for collaboration. 

You can learn more about the event on the EBA website, HERE

Talk Details:
Pelijätti Remedy julkaisee tänä vuonna paljon puhutun ja odotetun toimintaseikkailu-pelinsä Controlin. Suomalainen Remedy on kansainvälisesti tunnettu teknologisesti uraauurtavien ja tarinallisesti vahvojen pelien kehittäjänä.Yhtiön aiempia menestyspelejä ovat Max Payne- ja Alan Wake-pelisarjat sekä Suomen videopelihistorian kallein pelituotanto Quantum Break, joka sisälsi myös Hollywoodissa kuvatun peliosion kanssa vuorovaikutteisen televisiosarjan.
.Uudessa Controlissa pelaaja astuu New Yorkissa sijaitsevaan Federal Bureau of Controlin omistamaan taloon, joka näyttää ulkoa aivan tavalliselta, mutta pitää sisällään aivan omat luonnonlakinsa. EBA:ssa päästäänkin nyt kurkistamaan Controlin kulissien taakse, kun pelin päätuottaja, Remedyn Lead Producer Juha Vainio avaa jättimäisen hankkeen tuotantoprosessia ja tekemisen vaiheita.
.Miten moderni videopelipeli tuotetaan ja millaisia asioita missäkin vaiheessa priorisoidaan? Pelin tuotantoon tarvitaan valtava määrä eri alojen ammattilaisia. Millaisilla resursseilla hankkeet viedään maaliin ja mikä on luovuuden ja tuotannon suhde?

19th April 2019
GDC 2019 [US] Wrap-Up
[Interviews, Demos, Lectures, Announcements]

Remedy was at GDC (US) in full force last month, with a number of lectures from Antti Herva (Lead Character Technical Artist), Alexander Zotikov (Technical Artist), and Heli Salomaa (Costume Designer), plus a company-sponsored Mixer held on the final night.

In addition to networking, the studio was also present at the event with Control with 505 Games arranging demos for content creators, and Remedy focusing on media in attendance at the show.

Below is a wrap-up of everything that happened during the event: 

Announcements & Lectures

▼ ▼ ▼

New Demo Impressions 

Control: Hands-on preview from GDC 2019
It's far from a normal day at the office at the Federal Bureau of Control. One doesn't expect to walk in and see dozens of people suspended, motionless, in mid-air. There's something mysterious and demonic at work, a force that's looking to spread through the rest of the world. That's the premise behind Control, the latest effort from the folks at Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games.
Read Ozzie's full preview, HERE.

Control is a Delightfully Strange Shooter with Outstanding Telekinesis Noises
     Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The sphere is loose. A spiky black void, jittering between realities as it loafs towards me like a murderous billiard ball from a higher dimension. It’s one of many paranormal horrors to break out of the Bureau’s containment, and I do not like it one bit. Except I do, because weird balls and their ilk are the main reason I’m excited about Control. Those, and all the telekinesis. I’ll tell you more about the short demo I played at GDC in a moment, but first let’s get our bearings. As best we can. Control is Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming “supernatural third-person action adventure”. That’s the Remedy of Max Payne fame, though Control cuts closer to Alan Wake or Quantum Break, their previous story-centric games. But like, way stranger.
Read Matt's article, HERE.

Hands-on with Control: Weird, unsettling, and Remedy's best-playing game since Max Payne 2
     PC World
“Do you think there’s a secret in here?” “Well now I do.” I’ve walked in and out of the same room maybe four times now, pressed up against every wall, tinkered with every switch. The Oldest House, headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, wraps around itself like a maze. There are no rules here, no laws of physics or Euclidean geometry to fall back on. Bodies float in the lobby. Hallways fold in on themselves. And I’ve found myself wandering in and out of Audio Testing Laboratory 2, the existence of which implies an Audio Control Laboratory 1—if only I could find it.
Read Hayden's full article on PC World, HERE.

Feature: My GDC Impressions Of Control
Control is the upcoming supernatural action-adventure game from Remedy Games that I got to see up close and personal while attending GDC. After a brief setup of the Control story I was introduced to a hands-off playthrough of the first part of the mission called Marshall by Remedy’s own Thomas Puha (Communications Director). He then handed the controller over to me and for twenty minutes I got to experience the game for myself.
Read Laddie's preview on PSU, HERE

▼ ▼ ▼

New Interviews 

Control Interview — Developers Talk Film Influences, Photo Mode, and The Oldest House
     DualShockers (Interview with Thomas Puha & Mikael Kasurinen)

While in San Francisco for GDC I was allowed to watch and play a demo of Control, the latest game from Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind the Max Payne series, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. Sitting in a hotel room at the Sir Francis Drake I got to talk briefly with Thomas Puha, Communications Director, as well as Mikael Kasurinen, the Game Director of Control. After a brief presentation of the game and Remedy’s goals with it there was a hands-off demo and then a section of hands-on gameplay.

Read DualShocker's full interview, HERE.

18th April 2019
TrueAchievements Explore The Potential Of Multiple Worlds in Control

If you're a long-time Remedy fan, there's a good chance that you're already familiar with Mark Delaney's amazing articles at TrueAchievements. Whenever there's a Remedy piece on the site, it's likely that Mark is behind it, and over the years he has been behind the Alan Wake and Quantum Break nominations for the TA Playlist (both of which were winners in the community poll!), in addition to interviewing developers and arranging giveaways.

In his latest article, Mark explores the potential multiple universes coexisting within Control's Federal Bureau of Control's corridors, possibly even gateways to Bright Falls and Riverport where references to the A.W.E. are also found.

It's a really interesting and in-depth read, and extremely nerdy, so pretty perfect for our kind of community! Check it out on the TrueAchievements website, HERE!


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