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19th July 2024
Behind The Voice To Interview Christina Cole In Rescheduled Episode

It can be tricky to find a day to meetup, particularly with an actor's lifestyle that can bring a new project at a moment's notice, not to mention just general life. On Wednesday, Abhi Jha (the host of the Behind the Voice podcast) announced the rescheduled interview with Christina Cole, the fantastic voice actor behind Alice Wake in Alan Wake 2. 

Originally set to take place in March, the conversation will now take place later in the week, so if you have questions for the actor, make sure to send them in as soon as possible!

Christina will be the latest in a long line of Alan Wake 2 actors to join the podcast. Over the past few months, they have spoken to Ilkka Villi (Alan Wake, Mr Scratch, Thomas Zane), David Harewood (Warlin Door), Matthew Porretta (Alan Wake, Dr Casper Darling, Mr Scratch) as well as Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake (Alex Casey)  

[Spoilers ahead!] Alan Wake fans would have seen the photographer return in the sequel, but in pre-recorded footage only, discovered late into the story. Her breathtaking camera pieces touched many hearts as they paved the way for the reveal of Mr Scratch. For Christina, she would have been stepping into a character already established by Jonna Järvenpää (physical actor) and Brett Madden (voice actor). 

We'll let you know as soon as the interview goes live. In the meantime, make sure to subscribe to Behind the Voice on YouTube for more fantastic conversations and livestreams.

19th July 2024
Breaking Down the Alan Wake 2 Physical Editions & Pre-Order Exclusives

While we spoke about the Alan Wake 2 Limited Collector's Edition when it was originally announced at Summer Games Fest, we wanted to revisit the topic in more detail as we enter the final few days of the Limited Run campaign.

So far, the only versions that are being made into a physical edition are the console versions; Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. As Epic Games funded the development of the game, there is an impression that they have certain controls over the PC version. If you're interested in a PC release, let Epic Games know!

Alright, let's get to it!  There are two Alan Wake 2 physical versions available; the Physical Deluxe Edition ($79.99) and the Limited Collector's Edition ($199.99).

Physical Deluxe Edition. Up first, we're talking about the cheapest option of the two physical edition. Both physical versions will be launching with the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition, meaning that it will come with the season pass (including Night Springs and The Lake House expansions). There's no boxed edition for just the base game, though it can be purchased separately on the console's store page. The Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Physical Edition is due to launch on October 22nd, 2024.

As far as we know, the game will feature a code to redeem on your console, which will be linked to your account. All boxed editions also come with a code for Alan Wake Remastered, so if you haven't dived into the adventure that kickstarted the Remedy Connected Universe, you will have your chance!  You can pre-order it now through your local gaming store and through Amazon.

Physical Deluxe Edition, UK Edition. If you live in the UK, GAME is offering an exclusive bundle featuring the Return cardboard standee and the digital original soundtrack. At first, it looks like just the standee was the only item included in the bundle, with the OST joining in recent weeks. (Thank you to @coldhotwarm for the heads up!)

Limited Collector's Edition. Finally, let's get into the mighty pack! It's only available for the next few days, so if you want to pre-order, make sure you get it in before July 21st (11:59 PM ET). The Alan Wake 2 Limited Collector's Edition features the game and a ton of extras, but not without a hefty price.

The Alan Wake 2 Limited Collector's Edition features the game and a ton of extras, but not without a hefty price. Available exclusively at Limited Run, the Collectors Edition features a life-sized functional Angel Lamp, hard cover art book (+160 pages), Coffee World enamel pin sets, Oceanview Hotel 665 room keychain, Collector's Edition box with embossed slip cover. The set is due to ship a little later than the in-store edition, with an estimated delivery date of December 2024.

15th July 2024
Alan Wake 2 & Sam Lake Takes Home Three Awards Combined at the Develop:Star Awards 2024 [UPDATE #2]

While we've covered a lot of ceremonies over the past few months, the 2023/2024 award season isn't over just yet. Last week, Remedy collected an additional two awards for Alan Wake 2 at the Develop:Star Awards 2024 in the UK, with Sam Lake receiving a third trophy for Best Creative Lead for his work.

The trophies for Best Visual Art and Best Audio were accepted by Vida Starčević, Senior Community Manager at Remedy, who took a moment away from her Summer holiday to attend the event. Despite the strong competition within the categories heading into the evening, Remedy won half of their nominations, matching that of Larian Studios.

Writing on LinkedIn following the event, the studio shared, "Thank you for an incredible evening, Develop:Star Awards! It was a privilege to attend the award show during Develop:Brighton and celebrate the many, many excellent video games that have enriched our industry in the past year. We were honored to accept the Best Visual Art, Best Audio awards for Alan Wake 2, and our humble and sincere thanks for awarding Sam Lake the Best Creative Lead award. Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees! A special shoutout goes to our friends at Larian Studios for taking three awards home as well." The post also shared three photographs from the event, featuring Vida's acceptance of the awards on stage and Sam's speech. 

The ceremony wrapped up the three-day networking event, Develop:Brighton, held at the Brighton Dome in the south of England on July 10th. While the awards ceremony wasn't livestreamed, photographs were taken throughout, including Vida's acceptance. You can learn more about the awards and the winners on the Develop:Brighton website, HERE

8th July 2024
Summer Games Done Quick 2024's Herald of Darkness Flash Mob

Summer Games Done Quick wrapped up over the weekend, collecting a mind-blowing $2,572,217.39 from 33,864 supporters. The team tackled a series of speed running challenges over the course of eight days, all with the goal of raising money for Doctors Without Borders, an international medical humanitarian aid organization, set up in over seventy countries to providing lifesaving care.

On the third day, July 2nd, the team took on Alan Wake 2's Initiation focusing on Alan's side of the story only with any percentage completed (meaning that the player could but is not set to retrieve collectables).

The Initiation play through took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning and lasted 0:56:36. The speed run was undertaken by suavepeanut, hosted by ateatree, and with commentators AstridTheHorrorGirl and SweetPeebs, accompanied by a live audience. To make things more interesting, the organizers had two unlockable rewards or "bids"; Do the Dance (for raising $20,000.00) which led to a full team flash dance in sync with the cinematic, and Pet the Mayor ($5,000.00). Both goals were achieved and then some. There was also a special handmade Alan Wake fabric doll created by UltraPancake as a prize draw for those who donated $25 during the Alan Wake 2 run.

You can check out the full Alan Wake 2 livestream performed by Games Done Quick below, and learn more about the event over on their website, HERE


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