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An Open Letter from Sam Lake / Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered is coming! Read Sam Lake's open letter announcing the new game, his passion for Wake's debut adventure, and release details.

Our Conversation with Matthew Porretta, the Voice of Alan Wake

To celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, we sat down with Matthew Porretta, the incredible voice actor behind Alan Wake, to talk about his experiences and memories.

New Retrospective: Agents of Storm

In a new retrospective, we look back at Remedy's first mobile game developed in-house, Agents of Storm.

Behind the Scenes of Poets of the Fall's War Music Video

To celebrate 15 years of Poets of the Fall, we spoke to Director, Akseli Tuomivaara, about creating the Alan Wake-inspired music video, War. [Photo by Tiia Γ–hman].

Interviews and Conversations with....

Over the past eight years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing devs and actors inc. Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, and Christopher Forsyth.

22nd September 2021
Community Creations: Celebrating the Alan Wake Remastered Reveal

Despite ten years passing, the community recently proved that there was, without a doubt, still a strong passion for Alan Wake, with an interest in seeing his story continue. Following the news of Alan Wake Remastered launching this October, many community members took to social media to share new artwork they created to celebrate the reveal, shared their memories, and showed us their collections. 

This is only a small section of the community, with many more sharing various news stories and their own reactions to them. If you haven't already, check out the #AlanWakeRemastered hashtag on Twitter to see the full response. 

Here's just some of the incredible art and responses we saw:

21st September 2021
Remedy Reveals New Interview With Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden, Control)

To close up last week, Remedy shared a new interview with Control's leading actor, Courtney Hope, about what it was like to step into The Oldest House in her role of Jesse Faden.

The interview was recorded before the launch of the game but looks to be quite deep in development as many of the twists and details about the protagonist had been finalised. The video is four minutes long and made a debut on the ControlRemedy social media channels and YouTube channel

You can also see the interview in its entirety below, with a transcript of Courtney's answers...

What's your approach to playing Jesse? 

The biggest thing for me, with Jesse, is connecting to... knowing in your heart that there's something that you intuitively believe or know and seeing that through. Even though there are all these obstacles of people or things saying "what you're saying is wrong", "what you're saying is untrue", "you're crazy", you're this or that. And really being in touch with your intuition, because I feel like that is a huge driving force of Jesse. Like, she knows what she sees, she knows what she believes, she knows these visions that she's been having since she was younger. She knows her history and what she's seen to be real and I feel like that was my initial connection with Jesse going "okay, I can relate to somebody that understands and has enough confidence to know, and seeing where she is and just persuing that. Pursuing that vision that she sees, and pursuing what she knows is right. This entity that is... literally taking people over and she's like "no, I will not be defeated by that thing. I'm going to defeat that." So it's been cool, I've really have fallen in love with Jesse a lot. I liked her a lot from the beginning when I first heard who she was. But I feel like I'm falling in love with her more and more, every single day. 

Can you compare playing Jesse in Control and Beth in Quantum Break?

It's interesting! I think the beginning approach to both of them have been different. Since this is my second time around, I kind of know more about what goes into it. I feel like the first time I came to it, it's like... I did mostly film and TV, and fleshing out what a character is, as opposed to understanding, really truly, the arc of the game. That there are obstacles in the game and, as a player, you want to be somebody that somebody wants to play. As so with Jesse, I feel like, because she's the lead, there's been a lot of that, of going "okay, what is the most relatable, and what is the most playable". Because, as I said, with Beth, I think it was she is who she is by herself, she can stand alone, but who is she also in relation to Jack. And I feel like this is who is Jesse in relation to the world and to the Oldest House, and so, it's been fun! 

What kind of hero is Jesse Faden?

I've read a couple of things like "she's not your badass" but she is, in her own way. She's ruthless in the sense of- in the pursuit of her dreams, but she's not ruthless in disregard to humanity. That's the biggest difference. I feel like a badass comes in a plethora of ways, y'know? That confidence. And she has that, but... her humility never strays too far from her. She's not too scared to point out the realities of the situation, which comes through in humour. When people do things and she's *pulls a face*, the things people don't usually point out, she's "really, did no one else see that? Okay, cool." And I think that's what makes her human. 

What do you think about Jesse's relationship with the paranatural?

Because she's seen so much weird in her life; she's seen Polaris, she hears Polaris, she interprets Polaris. And that to her is normal. So when she speaks to other people about it, and they don't see it, or hear it, or interpret it, or anything like that... and then when she walks into the Oldest House and sees that it's was all there, it was a build-up to this very moment... I think there's a sense of relief and that's where the "at home" feel comes in, where she's like "okay, now I see it all had a purpose leading up to this point". And so I think she embraces the weird even more because there's weirder things that happen in this house than happened outside. And so I think that gives her the ability to embrace this paranatural world that has all these twists and turns and weird Objects of Power that are doing weird things and breaking things down, and there's an excitement to it because she's like "okay, I'm not crazy. This is cool" and also "this is different, let's figure out how to solve it." 

20th September 2021
Sam Lake Explores Alan Wake Remastered In New Article For The PlayStation Blog

To celebrate Alan Wake's debut on the console, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) recently wrote a special article for the PlayStation Blog, detailing the unique features that PS owners can look forward to. 

Alan Wake Remastered, the graphically enhanced 4K version of the 2010 title, will be launching on PlayStation 4 & 5 on October 5th. Along with the base game, players will also be able to play The Signal and The Writer as part of the collection and will be able to hear a new commentary track by Sam, exclusive to the Remastered edition. 

Working with d3t Ltd, a lot of attention has been given to optimising the experience on each platform. On the PlayStation 5, the game runs at 4K at a smooth 60fps. For the PlayStation 4 Pro, players will have a choice of "Performance" which delivers 60fps and "Quality" which delivers 4K at 30fps. And for the normal PS4 version, the game will run at 30fps. Taking advantage of the PlayStation unique features, the DualSense controller will deliver specialised feedback depending on the type of gun used, and Activity Cards will be available for each mission. 

You can read more about how d3t Ltd and Remedy have enhanced the world of Bright Falls on the PlayStation Blog, HERE

18th September 2021
Remedy Releases "Alan Wake Remastered: Official Fankit"

Back in the ye olde times of ten years ago, Remedy released an "Alan Wake Fansite Kit" a month ahead of the game's launch. The kit contained screenshots, characters profiles, and wallpapers, and while it can't be downloaded from the site anymore, it's still archived HERE. As a website owner, these kits are always cool to get as they guarantee the best image quality and makes things feel a little more official. 

Recently, Remedy published a new "Alan Wake Remastered: Official Fankit" on Imgur for all your Remastered imagery needs! The pack contains two logos, two wallpapers, and seven HQ screenshots from the studio's upcoming release. If you have a fan page, website, or just want to show your support for the game, check it out on Imgur, HERE


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