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Community Spotlight: Melissa [July Feature]

Our Community Spotlight for July is the lovely Melissa, melfpic on Instagram. We recently spoke to her about her stunning Quantum Break and Control-inspired artwork.

Poets of the Fall Announces Clearview Cover & Pre-Order Bundles

Poets of the Fall, the real life band behind Old Gods of Asgard, announced the cover and pre-order information for their eighth studio, Clearview.

Control Developer Diary #1: Introducing the Story

Remedy talks about their new protagonist, Jesse Faden, and her upcoming adventure in the first episode of Control's new developer diaries.

Catch Up On Everything Controlfrom E3 2018

All the Control coverage, from the game's surprise announcement at the Playstation E3 Media Briefing to the latest post-E3 interviews.

NEW GAME REVEAL! Learn More about Control

Remedy’s latest project, Control, previously known by its codename “P7”, was revealed on stage during Sony’s E3 Media Briefing

Tiny Mo-Cap Dog Melts Hearts

Taking a break from dog-related activities, Uuno visited the Remedy offices with his owner, Sami, for experienments in canine motion capture.

Charity Auctions raise £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK!

Our Monarch Gala and Spring Charity Auction raises £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK! With invaluable support from Remedy and Poets of the Fall.

Cool People We've Spoken To...

Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some individuals involved including Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, Christopher Forsyth and Brett Kelly.

21st July 2018
Remedy Clarifies Alan Wake and Quantum Break IP Owners Following Interview

Yesterday Remedy tweeted a public clarification about the IP owners for Alan Wake and Quantum Break following confusion from the recent article and interview.

The article features an interview with Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala, and originally wrote that both Alan Wake and Quantum Break IPs were owned by Microsoft, as interview context. Instead, Microsoft owns the Quantum Break IP, and Remedy owns the Alan Wake IP.

The studio tweet was a public reply to IGN who tweeted about the interview with the comment "Remedy Entertainment wants Alan Wake and Quantum Break sequels, but Microsoft owns the rights to both." While a number of publications have reported similar information, IGN looks to be the only one who received a direct correction from Remedy, at least the only public correction.

While some good seemed to come out of the mistake; Alan Wake fans have been more vocal about  wanting Microsoft to get involved for the sequel, proving that there's still interest in the series' continuation. Even if it Microsoft can't provide a suitable deal for the game, it also shows other publishers that it's an established and enthusiastic audience.

20th July 2018
Control's Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen Talks to Dual Shockers

Earlier today, DualShockers uploaded their interview with Control's Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen, conducted at this year's E3.

During their interview, Mikael talks about going multi-platform, getting the right publisher for the title, and takeaway lessons from Quantum Break. For Control, the team approached the title differently compared to its predecessors, "when you look at the structure of Control, it’s very different as I said. We’re going for this Metroidvania but with more of a direction. It’s more open-ended and the player can choose what to do. The main story is just one story among others. You can go on side missions, you can explore, and we’re planning on having other game modes as well that you can engage in. Even after the main story is done, the world doesn’t end there. It keeps existing and you can go back to those side missions you might have missed before or explore more. There are a lot of more mysteries to uncover than just the main story itself."

Check out the full interview with DualShockers, HERE.

19th July 2018
Remedy's Latest Finlandization Trip [Taste of Helsinki]

As part of the international relocation program, Remedy arranges group gatherings to help new employees and their families discover their new home. In Remedy's latest LinkedIn article, Finlandization Event Coordinator, Kathrin Deter, talks about the group's latest trip to the Taste of Helsinki festival.

Taste of Helsinki is a three-day culinary festival with a wide variety of local dishes and drinks created by a number of different vendors. For more information about the event, click HERE.

In the article, Kathrin talks about the history of Finnish foods and how that has led to traditional dishes and flavours, but she also talks about why the Taste of Helsinki event was specifically chosen for the Finlandization trip, "experiencing food as a team or a group is so natural to begin with, people meet up for dinner and bbqs, and a fancy picnic is just the perfect way to take this to the next level. Especially for new Helsinkians, the culinary part is often pretty far away from their daily life if it’s not a particular interest to them."

To read the Kathrin's full article, click HERE.

18th July 2018
OutsideXBOX's Remedy-Themed Show of the Week [6/7]

The wonderful team behind OutsideXBOX recently dedicated their regular highlight, Show of the Week, to all things Remedy!

Hosted by Andy Farrant and Jane Douglas, the duo talks all things Control as they reflect on what they saw during their behind-closed-doors E3 demo.

The episode features in-depth discussions regarding how the game compares to its predecessors, its open world elements, and "deviating fridges"... it's a Remedy thing.  They approach their discussions in a very easy-to-understand way so if you're a long-time RMD fan or if Control will be your first game, you will be able to follow everything. The team is also behind one of my favourite Control-related E3 pieces, Control Gameplay: 7 Freakiest Things We Saw in Remedy's Control Gameplay, which I also recommend checking out if you haven't already!

The episode concludes with Mike Channell challenging Andy to complete an arcade level of Alan Wake's American Nightmare and complete the achievement "Skill Beats Gun" which involves the player using nothing but flares to keep away the Taken for the duration of the level.


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