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29th October 2023
Alan Wake 2 Escape Room ft. JackSepticEye & Gab Smolders

Ahead of the release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy and Epic Games invited JackSepticEye and Gab Smolders for a special Alan Wake-themed escape room, appropriately called Escaping the Dark Place.

In the challenge, the participants have been captured by the Dark Presence. Trapped in the Dark Place, they are tasked with finding each other and returning to reality. With JackSepticEye trapped in a puzzle maze, Gab found herself at a desk, guiding him through the challenges and finding ways to contribute to solutions in her surroundings. Communication was key in ensuring that they could escape. 

"I've never gotten to do an intense escape experience, and especially themed around a game that we both love", describes JackSepticEye following the experience. 

Alongside the eighteen-minute escape room video, Gab has a unique five-minute behind-the-scenes look of what it felt like stepping into the booth and sorting out puzzles. 


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