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6th March 2022
Remedy Donates 50,000€ To Red Cross To Help Victims Of War In Ukraine

As the week wrapped up, Remedy posted a statement on social media of their support for Ukraine, alongside a financial donation of 50,000€ to the Red Cross.

The statement reads, "as Remedy Entertainment, we all stand united in our support of Ukraine. To help the people of Ukraine and alleviate some of their suffering, we have donated 50 thousand euros to the Red Cross to help the victims of war. We have given direct support to all our Ukrainian employees, and we are prepared to take action to aid their families and loved ones back home. We are also providing support to our Russian employees, who are appalled by this brutal war. We do not blame those who are not responsible. We do not usually make public statements about world events, but the completely unjust invasion of Ukraine by the Russian regime has shocked and touched us all. We hope that peace will win."

The Red Cross is a worldwide humanitarian charity whose work in Ukraine has involved providing food, clothing, and aid (along with first aid training) to residents taking shelter, alongside helping medical centres, and ensuring vital infrastructure remain in place. You can learn about the Red Cross' mission, HERE


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