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6th October 2023
Photographs & Interviews from Remedy x Fried Music Collaboration [UPDATED]

Today, Remedy and Fried Music revealed a new partnership, which would see seven unique "End of Chapter" songs brought to Alan Wake 2. Throughout the day, we've been sharing news on the collaboration, from press releases, to behind-the-scenes footage and the end of chapter one track. 

As we wrap up tonight's coverage, we have a selection of interviews with local and international media, AND photographs from the music camps. 

Interviews. Ahead of the announcement, Sam Lake and Fried Music spoke to NME, Iltalehti (Finnish), Gamespot, and Yle. 

In Gamespot's article, Mark Delaney spoke to Sam Lake (Creative Director, Remedy), Jurek Reunamäki (Producer and Songwriter) and Ville Sorsa (Principal Audio Designer, Remedy) on the experience of bringing the artists together. He also had a rare, early opportunity to check out two of the end of chapter songs, Follow You Into The Dark and Wide Awake.

In their piece, NME explores the two-year process that took place, forming the music camps and sorting through the initial twenty-three demos. For the article, Andy Brown talks with Sam, Ville, Jurek, and Teemu Brunila (Songwriter).

And finally, in a local piece, Iltalehti spoke to Sam, as well as the musicians based in Finland who worked at and with Fried Music, including Sanni, Costee, Jurek, Teemu, and Juuka in the process of creating music for the game, and their familiarisation with writing in a second language. 

Artists. The list of artists involved in the chapter songs includes Sanni, Costee, Teemu Brunila, ROOS + BERG, Paleface, Jurek, and RZY appear alongside international talents Rakel, Jean Castel, and Mougleta.  

On the Chapter Songs. In today's press release, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) stated, “Alan Wake 2 is an ambitious work of art where different mediums merge together to form a unique experience. We have specifically focused on music and worked to create many custom songs to enhance the story. We are extremely excited to collaborate with Fried Music, and we are very proud of the fact that Finnish musicians are playing such an integral role in an internationally released game. It is a privilege to have such talented and amazing artists bring a taste of Finnish culture to the world.”

On the topic of the collaboration, Fried Music’s Creative Director, Jukka Immonen, commented, "Working with the gaming industry in such a unique concept has been amazing. Finnish music and video games have never been brought together in this way before. The challenge this collaboration posed for us as musicians was exciting, and there were no limits set on how creative we could be. This really was a unique opportunity for us to showcase the quality of Finnish music globally." 

Source: Fried Music

Photographs from the Music Camps: 


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The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

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