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2nd July 2023
Play Magazine Covers Alan Wake 2 In New August 2023 Edition

Remedy's highly anticipated title, Alan Wake 2 marks its magazine cover debut in Play Magazine's August 2023 Edition. The £5.99 issue can be picked up for instore, ordered online, or redeemed as in digital format now!

In the new magazine, Jess Kinghorn gives us a ten-page special entitled "The Poetry of Fear", which covers the game's live action sequences, narrative crossroads, and the return of Agent Robert Nightingale (played by Doug Cockle). 

For the preview, Jess was given a front row seat of the PS5 demo at the Remedy offices in Finland, and had the opportunity to speak to Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer), Molly Maloney (Principal Narrative Designer), Johannes Richter (Head of VFX), and Kyle Rowley (Game Director) who gave their specialized insight into the adventure. 

In the edition, Play also looks at Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and Alone in the Dark, previews Mortal Kombat 1, takes a look at the future of PlayStation 5, and reviews Star Trek Resurgence.


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