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26th June 2023
Summer Games Fest / Community Research
PayneReactor & Hidden Machine Talks New AW2 Footage

With Summer Games Fest now over, we wanted to take a look back at a couple of fantastic community reports we saw during that week. These two individuals have been incredible supporters and long-time fans of Remedy, names you are likely to know in these parts of the internet. Their work is written with knowledge and passion for the subjects, making it an absolute joy to check out.

First up, Patrick from PayneReactor! With different authors focusing on different aspects of the game in their thirty-minute preview, some may catch things that others missed. Patrick has waded through the wave of new previews released during the event and has written up a summary, providing an ultimate look at the game...

A summary of Alan Wake 2’s hands-off impressions.
PayneReactor (by Patrick Streutjens)

"Following the gameplay reveal at the Summer Game Fest stream, numerous gaming outlets have eagerly reported on what they witnessed during the hands-off preview of Alan Wake 2. As a result, more information about the game is now out in the wild. As it might be difficult as a fan to get a complete overview of what’s out there, we aim to compile a comprehensive summary of the media coverage surrounding the hands-off demo. Join us as we delve into the world of Alan Wake 2 and explore more about its captivating world."

Read Patrick's summary HERE!

It wouldn't be an Alan Wake reveal without Hidden Machine's Matt. He's an absolute nerd and the very best kind. He's passionate about the Alan Wake series and brings a wealth of knowledge to his channel, packing it with information and drawing from sources both in the game world and the material written about it online and in print. He's also an absolute powerhouse when it comes to videos! You can check out his video exploring the new gameplay footage below...

Cracking the Case of Alan Wake 2 - Lore and Gameplay Analysis
Hidden Machine (by Matt)


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