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25th August 2023
[Gamescom 2023] Day #2 Wrap-Up: Saga Pre-Order Outfit, Coffee World Tote Bags, and New Footage

If you thought the first day was intense, the second day of Gamescom was certainly a rush. Alongside more interviews and more previews, we also got a lot of little pieces of news spread throughout the day, from new pre-order bonuses to new footage, and Nvidia got involved in the mix, too. 

Check out our roundup of the second day of Gamescom below...


Let's get into the previews! In his report, Aaron Potter from Mirror Gaming, described the demo as "Remedy’s residence of evil takes hold and doesn’t let go" and praised the studio's in-house game engine, Northlight for delivering gameplay sequences that seamlessly blended into live-action shots. You can read their full preview, HERE!

We also heard from Rosie Caddick and Ash Millman at PlayStation Access in a nine-minute video covering their experiences of the demo. Judging by the title, "How Alan Wake 2 Is Remedy's Scariest Game Yet", we know it was a warm, cozy, and wholesome experience. Check it out on the PlayStation Access YouTube channel, HERE, or below! 


On the interview side, Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer, Alan Wake 2) and Kyle Rowley (Game Director, Alan Wake 2) stopped by the Xbox Gamescom livestream to talk about the psychological horror genre and how Control has influenced the team. If you missed the broadcast, you can catch up on the Xbox On YouTube channel, HERE or below. 

Alex Casey Posters Onsite Giveaway

In yesterday's wrap-up, we were nerding out about the Alex Casey film noir posters that greeted the media as they entered the demo room. As doors opened up to the public today, we got a quick tour of the more public booth that Remedy has set up in Hall 5.1 at the Koelnmesse, complete with creepy supernatural murderer, trees, and an impressive backdrop. Snap a photo at the booth and you can take home an Alex Casey poster and a Coffee World tote bag. As with all conventions, there's a limited supply available, make sure to get in early!

Alan Wake 2 Coming To GeForce NOW

On Thursday, Remedy announced that Alan Wake 2 will be added, on launch day, to the GeForce NOW catalogue, a cloud gaming system with over 1500 titles already available to play. The service allows gamers who don't have the technology to run the games directly to a device of their choice and experience the latest adventures. Learn more about GeForce NOW, HERE

In Behind the Scenes with Mr Door

Sam Lake shared a new behind-the-scenes photograph taken from the set of In Between with Mr Door. The shot, taken by Anssi Määttä and shared on Twitter, features Ilkka Villi, David Harewood, and Sam Lake, between filming.  

Photo Description: Taken on the In Between With Mr Door set. The logo of the fictional TV is prominent in gold on the wooden wall behind them. The New York skyline fills the other wall. All three men are wearing suits. Sam is sitting on the desk, and David is sitting on an office chair, his body in a side view. Ilkka is sitting on a low, pale-egg-coloured chair. All three are smiling. The shot has been edited with a sepia dreamlike filter.

Saga Anderson Oh Deer Diner Outfit

Something a little unexpected for our next piece. Remedy announced a new outfit for Saga Anderson available as a pre-order bonus and also in the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition.

The new outfit complements her red deer jumper knitted by her mother. The colour here is a nice smokey teal with the Oh Deer Diner logo prominent in the centre. The design is surrounded by a row of coffee and pie, and a second row of cherries. As you can imagine, there are a lot of fans asking for it to be recreated for the Remedy Store.

Character Card: Saga Anderson

Similar to the character profiles we saw released ahead of Control, Remedy has published the first character card for Alan Wake 2. On what is likely to be a debut for a new social media feature, they explored Saga Anderson's background and strengths...

The text reads: "An exceptional investigator and profiler at the FBI, Saga Anderson uses her uncanny talent and intuition to solve cases nobody else could. Beyond her work, she values her relationships with her family and her trusted partner, Alex Casey. Saga's skills and experience have never let her down, but will they be enough to solve the nightmarish mysteries that await her in Bright Falls?"

Dark Place Demo Extra Footage

Annnnd finally, if you're looking for more Alan Wake 2 footage, you're in luck! Press were given access to fourteen minutes of additional footage to be used in their reports and analysis of the Dark Place demo. You can check out the clips below...


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