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24th June 2023
Remedy Publishes Saga Anderson Cosplay Guide

We're in the midst of convention season! We're also in the midst of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and often these things do not go together. It's the struggles of being a Klingon in 34°C heat. If your convention has the blessed invention of air conditioning, you have a winter convention in mind, or you fancy picking up knitting as a relaxing hobby, this post may be for you.

With Remedy spotlighting Saga Anderson in the first part of their marketing for Alan Wake 2, the studio has released a cosplay guide for the character's look. In the image, they provide a close-up of Saga's Nordic-themed knitted jumper, her FBI jacket, and her service pistol holster. The jumper is definitely getting some attention on social media, with a lot of fans hoping to see it emerge on the Remedy Store. (No details about that yet, but if Remedy does end up doing it, we will definitely let you know!)

If you end up recreating the look, or even just Saga's jumper, send us a photograph! We would love to see it.


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