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22nd December 2023
Happy Holidays from The Sudden Stop
[Featuring Artwork by Invisible Rain]

Happy Holidays from The Sudden Stop! We hope you have a fantastic season filled with all the things you love. 

It's also time for our festive tradition! Every year, we commission* a festive artwork from an incredible artist in our community. For 2023, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with Invisible Rain (aka Castle), a long-time fan of Alan Wake, who has created over two hundred pieces of artwork dedicated to the series over the years.

I reached out to Castle back in January of this year to get the ball rolling but revisited the project after the release of the game back in late October. We spoke a little about what the piece could be, talked about different approaches over the years, and settled on a segment from the We Sing chapter in Alan Wake 2... but with a festive twist. I'm in love with the work and attention that she put into it. It's a series close to both of our hearts and doing this collaboration was a dream for me. Thank you, Castle!

You can follow Castle's brilliant work on Twitter, Facebook and RedBubble.

*For transparency, the artwork is always a paid commission.


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Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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