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22nd August 2023
Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 [Part One] On Stage Interview & Trailer Introduction with Sam Lake

Today, Sam Lake took to the Gamescom Opening Night Live stage to talk more about Alan Wake 2! While the studio introduced the sequel with Saga Anderson, a newcomer to the events at Bright Falls, for Gamescom, they're back, this time with Alan Wake in the spotlight. 

Similar to our Alan Wake 2 coverage at Summer Games Fest, the organisers have broken down the segment into two pieces; the interview and the gameplay. Since the gameplay may contain spoilers that some fans might want to avoid, we've also broken up the posts. This piece is dealing purely with the on-stage discussion between Geoff Keighley and Sam Lake. If you just want the game, you can watch the trailer, HERE! (To be added following the post's publication.)

During the on-stage interview, we learn what has happened to Alan since the events of the first game, and how Remedy is using live-action sequences to create a dreamlike feel to the Dark Place. You can watch the full two-minute interview below. We've also written out the transcript, which you can follow underneath.

Alan Wake 2, On Stage Interview Transcript:

Geoff Keighley: To completely shift the tone again, I'm here with Sam Lake, who's going to take us to a very dark place, with Alan Wake 2. Sam, welcome to Gamescom. This game is coming out in October, and we've had so much fun; we announced it just a few years ago at The Game Awards, and at Summer Games Fest we met Saga Anderson, heard a little bit of her side of the story. But everyone's been asking me, and I certainly expect you, what about Alan's story? What can you tell us about what it's like to play as him? Tonight, I think it's finally time to answer that question?

Sam Lake: Thank you for having us here, Geoff. Yes, finally, it's time to show our title character, Alan Wake, and his struggle to escape the nightmare dimension of the Dark Place, where he's been for the last thirteen years, ever since the first Alan Wake game. 

Geoff Keighley: It's a long time! We've been waiting a long time to play another one. We're gonna see some footage here, and I know you're actually using live-action as well in it, right? And it's going to be really blended together in a cool way. 

Sam Lake: Yeah! The Dark Place is a dream reality, and it keeps growing from Alan's mind; his thoughts, his fears, his writing. And he comes from New York City, and for years he's written crime fiction set in New York City, so now the Dark Place takes the shape of a nightmare-New York City. And we have used different mediums in our experiences, in our games, for storytelling. Live-action for sure. This time around, we've integrated live-action seamlessly into the experience to show the dream-like nature of the Dark Place. 

Geoff Keighley: This game, I cannot wait. We don't have to wait too long; it's coming in October, but let's take a look now at the brand-new trailer for Alan Wake 2. Sam, thank you so much!

Sam Lake: Thank you! 

Geoff Keighley: Here we go! 


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