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4th May 2023
Ben Gelinas' New Game, Times & Galaxy Announced
[Play the Demo on Steam!] UPDATED

Looking for a wholesome indie game to check out? On Tuesday, Fellow Traveller announced Times & Galaxy, a brand new story-focused title developed by Ben Gelinas and Copychaser Games.

In the game, you play as a robo reporter for Times & Galaxy, a highly respected holopaper, exploring the galaxy for their first pieces.

If you've not been introduced to Copychaser Games, let me tell you about them! They are the team behind the sweet and slightly disturbing Speed Dating for Ghosts (available now), and Slumber Clause (in development).

Listed as their Creative Director, Writer, and Producer (very small team, very many hats) is Ben Gelinas, who you may recognise as one of the co-writers of Control. He is joined by a fantastic team that I adore for their wholesome odd-ness approach to games. 

UPDATED 31/5/2023: While the LudoNarraCon has ended, Copychaster Games spoke to about their approach to narrative and what's next in store for their budding robo reporter. You can read the full interview, HERE

Reading this before May 9th? If you want to see the game in action, you can check out the demo on their Steam page, HERE! You can also check out the team taking it on in a rotating Steam broadcast which will be available throughout the event, HERE

The announcement was part of the publisher's LudoNarraCon event which kicks off this week. LudoNarraCon is an annual celebration of game narrative. 2023 marks its fifth year, and Fellow Traveller has come prepared with a packed schedule; alongside the online conference, they are exhibiting 43 games, hosting 15 panels and fireside chats, and inviting players to check out its catalogue of 35 demos and games. You can find more out about the event, HERE


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