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8th July 2023
Filippo Tarpini's Control Mod Brings New Graphical Updates
[Improved Ray-Tracing, Texture Streaming, DLSS Implementation]

This weekend, we're dipping back into some Control news, with details of a new mod by Filippo Tarpini! The addition improves the visual look of the game while staying true to the "original artistic vision" of the team.

In an unusual twist in the story, Filippo also works for Remedy, alongside the Vanguard team.

Filippo joined the studio in February 2020 (just before things got interesting) as their Senior Unreal Engine Developer, six months after the launch of Control.

Earlier this year, their hobby saw them return to the FBC, releasing an unofficial mod that makes a number of major graphical improvements, such as native support for HDR technology, the addition of a more recent version of DLSS, ray-tracing improvements (including better reflections), and ultrawide angle displays. To date, the mod has been downloaded 21,735 times. 

Away from their duties at the studio, Filippo has shared the mod for free on PCGamingWiki, under their username, filoppi. Included in the listing are useful and clear details on how to get it to work with PC versions of the game from Steam, Epic Store, or GOG.

Reviews for the mod have already been extremely positive. In a Eurogamer post by Alex Battaglia (Video Producer at Digital Foundry), they delve into the changes, describing the "HDR upgrade is the most game-changing improvement, added because Tarpini is such a big fan of the feature. Control always featured a contrast-heavy vidual design, and HDR gives greater local brightness and contrast, rich colour tones without banding errors - and even extra detail resolved owing to the greater dynamic range, along with less blown-out bloom effects." (You can read the full article, HERE!) 

The mod is still undergoing work, with the latest update made just hours ago. We're going to be downloading and jumping back into the game too, but if you would like to join and nerd out with us, you can find the mod, HERE

List of Mod Improvements: 

Compared to the latest official release version (0.0.344.1879)

  • Native HDR (improves color accuracy/banding, allows greater contrast and brighter highlights).
  • Upgraded DLSS to 3.1.1 and improve its implementation (this is compatible with the FSR 2.1 injection mod).
  • Added DLAA support (DLSS at native resolution).
  • Added a new "Max" texture setting to improve the slow texture streaming (min 8GB+ VRAM, 10GB+ are recommended).
  • Added a new setting to use 3x as samples for ray tracing and volumetrics, increasing the quality and reducing noise (this is VERY expensive).
  • Full UltraWide support: unlock any resolution and aspect ratio, including 32:9+.
  • Fixed UI issues at non 16:9 aspect ratios (e.g. enemies health bars were displaced).
  • Added a FOV Multiplier config setting `m_fFOVMultiplier` (the game and UI are designed for the default FOV, so only use for accessibility reasons).
  • Add a config to skip the intro video `m_bSkipIntroVideos`.
  • Some FOV and LOD fixes for UW.
  • Improved window+borderless+fullscreen management.
  • Fixed the game not launching correctly on non Nvidia non AMD GPUs (e.g. Intel Arc).
  • Restores film grain with DLSS and makes it more pronounced.
  • Improves the quality of the SDR image (minor tonemapping fixes and increased buffer size).
  • Minor crash fixes, bug fixes and features.


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