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15th February 2023
New Patch Fixes Framerate & Performance for Alan Wake Remastered [Nintendo Switch] UPDATED

It's been just under five months since the launch of Alan Wake Remastered on Nintendo Switch, but today saw the release of a new update to improve the experience. 

Announced on the Remedy social media channels, the "update improves overall framerate and performance, especially when the game is played in docked mode." Framerate and performance were two key issues that players were hoping would be improved in future patches, with some reviewers showcasing situations of missing textures upon launch.

Update: With the release of the new patch, the game is currently 33% off on the Nintendo Store. The discount ends on February 26th 2023 at 11:59pm PT

(In my playthrough, I didn't encounter any bugs or issues that concerned players, and it ran smoothly on my device. However, the game was played as a handheld rather than secured in the docking station.)

If you encountered issues on your way through Bright Falls last time, it may be a good time to return. If you do, let us know how it looks! 

About Alan Wake Remastered. Unlike Control Ultimate Edition which was released in November 2020, Alan Wake Remastered is hosted natively on the device. On the Switch, the adventure is just over 13GB, compared to Alan Wake Remastered on the PlayStation 4 and 5 which measures almost three times the space at 38.65 GB. As a result, there are some changes.

Along with the Remastered commentary, players can also continue the adventure in The Signal and The Writer DLC packs which are included with the game. 


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