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30th November 2023
Anna Megill's The Pocket Mentor for Video Game Writers Out Now!

In May, we wrote about Anna Megill's new book, The Game Writing Guide: Get Your Dream Job and Keep It, an in-depth look from a video game veteran on the topic of what it takes to work in narrative. The book was the first in a two-part deal, with the second project being a smaller, more condensed version due to launch later that year.

Today, that second book, The Pocket Mentor for Video Game Writers, is now available! 

Celebrating the launch on Twitter, Anna writes, "IT'S HERE! Today, my Pocket Mentor for Video Game Writers is out in the world! And it's currently 25% off at Routledge. If you wanted to buy my Guide but found the price too steep, this is the book for you. A just-the-facts version of the same great advice."

She adds, "The Pocket Mentor also features a new chapter on narrative documentation: project line counts, story bibles, deliverables scheduling, and more. If you're not sure whether to get my Guide or Mentor, I wrote up a handy comparison chart for you:"

Control fans may know Anna Megill best as the Narrative Lead at Remedy, where she worked on establishing the lore and, unfortunately for our sanity, the Threshold Kids. Since departing the studio in November 2018, she moved to Massive Entertainment as their Lead Writer for two years before working as Playground Games' Narrative Lead, working on the next Fable title. She now lives in the USA. 

In her book, she also spoke to a number of familiar names from her Remedy days including; Mikko Rautalahti, Sam Lake, Ann Lemay, and Eevi Korhonen on the narrative side, and recruiters such as Petteri Tuomimaa, who provided insight into how writers are hired and what it's like in a writing room. Those are just some of the incredible people that she's spoken to in her journey, the list is extensive!

You can learn more about her new book on her website, HERE!


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