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11th September 2023
IGN First's Debut Hands-On Alan Wake 2 Preview
[Saga Anderson, Chapter Three: Local Girl]

In a new IGN First piece, Matt Purslow (UK News and Features Editor) took viewers and readers through their exclusive hands-on playthrough of Alan Wake 2 with an eight-minute video premiering on YouTube, and an extensive article on the IGN website. 

The preview marks the first time there's been a hands-on preview, with both Summer Games Fest and Gamescom demos being hands-off levels shown behind doors to select press members. 

In their exclusive preview at Remedy, IGN was given the controller for the third chapter of Saga Anderson's story, Local Girl. "Within it, I saw plenty of things that will make long-term Alan Wake devotees happy. Manuscripts still litter the world, as do blue thermos flasks. There are generators to power up, and your shadow-burning flashlight is still a fundamental part of combat. A pair of ageing rock stars make a very welcome return. But the shift from nightmare horror to grisly detective thriller on Saga’s side of the story is the first sign of the bold, sweeping changes that Remedy has made in its long-awaited sequel." 

Although there are elements that were spotted to polish in the final months such as Saga's Case Board mechanic, Matt's preview was overly positive, with the writer describing the game as a "radical sequel", "grimy", and "bursting with character". 

You can read Matt's preview, HERE!


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