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2nd February 2023
Sam Lake and Kyle Rowley Talks Alan Wake 2 with GamesRadar+ [UPDATED]

While work has continued with the development of Alan Wake II, things have been a little quiet on the public side for the past year. This week, things may have begun to shift a little though, with both Sam Lake (Creative Director) and Kyle Rowley (Game Director) speaking to Josh West at GamesRadar+ about Wake's next adventure.

While the two understandably don't delve too deeply into the game, it's a little too early for that, they did talk about the team's approach to the sequel and what it was like to return to the series.

In the piece, Lake admits that "I feel like I never left Alan Wake behind. There was always the full intention to return to him; there was always more story to tell, and the characters and the setting were too precious to be forgotten. The story kept growing and evolving through the years, and we created a new concept between every project. This time, after Control, everything finally clicked into place."

Alan Wake II will mark Remedy's first step into the survival horror genre, a journey that can be shared by those who have yet to play the original game. (Although there is still plenty of time to explore Bright Falls and Night Springs before then!) The article also showcases an exclusive new piece of concept artwork, featuring a teal forest scene, that has eagle-eyed fans in the community buzzing on Twitter.

Click HERE to read the recent GamesRadar+ interview!

UPDATED / 6th February 2023: The interview with Kyle and Sam was split into three articles, each discussing a different aspect of the game. The above article is about the team returning to the series. A second article, Alan Wake 2 is Remedy's "biggest project yet", discusses how concepts and ideas have evolved over the years. A third article, Alan Wake 2 features nods to other Remedy Games, but playing them isn't mandatory to enjoy the sequel, talks about how... well, that one might have given away the content a little.


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