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30th June 2023
PlayStation Plus July Monthly Games Highlights Alan Wake Remastered [Plus Mid-Year Sale for Control Series]

If you're a PlayStation Plus member, but you haven't yet played Alan Wake, we need to fix that!

This week, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for July, with a rather nice line-up! Alan Wake Remastered (PS4, PS5) is joined by Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cross-Gen Bundle (PS4, PS5) and Endling - Extinction is Forever (PS4, PS5). The games will be available to play for free for Plus members between Tuesday, July 4th until Monday, July 31st.

Launched on October 5th 2021, Alan Wake Remastered is the original adventure with a fresh coat of paint. It also has some extra content that connects the adventure more closely to Control and paves the way forward for Alan Wake 2

PlayStation Blog Synopsis: "Return to the mysterious town of Bright Falls in this remaster of the award-winning cinematic action game from Remedy Entertainment (Control, Max Payne), featuring overhauled visuals and new features. Troubled author Alan Wake embarks on a desperate search for his missing wife, Alice. Following her mysterious disappearance from the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, he discovers pages of a horror story he has supposedly written, but he has no memory of. Wake is soon forced to question his sanity, as page by page, the story comes true before his eyes: a hostile presence of supernatural darkness is taking over everyone it finds, turning them against him. He has no choice but to confront the forces of darkness armed only with his flashlight, a handgun and what remains of his shredded mind. His nightmarish journey to find answers to the mind-bending mystery he faces will lead him into the terrifying depths of the night."

If you haven't yet played Control either, that's also something that can be fixed. As part of the PlayStation Store' Mid-Year Deals, Control Ultimate Edition is currently 75% off for both PlayStation 4 and 5. And if you purchased the Control Standard Editon and want to upgrade, you can purchase The Foundation and AWE at 70% or purchase them both together in the Season Pass. Learn more, HERE


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