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26th October 2023
Alan Wake 2 Press Embargos Lift To A Stellar Response
[Warning: Links to Spoilers] UPDATE #5

Today, the Alan Wake 2 press embargo was lifted! 

If you missed it on our Twitter page, yesterday we delved into what we would cover on The Sudden Stop in future weeks. In the post, we said, "with Alan Wake 2 drawing closer, we want to talk about the topic of spoilers. It’s been thirteen years since the original, and there’s so much anticipation, particularly from fans who have been there from the start. So far, we’ve been covering Remedy’s news and marketing; they know the game, and I trust them to know the boundaries. But from Friday (or Thursday in regards to the review), it’s going to change things up. We won’t be releasing a review for the game, but once the game is out, we’re going to be adding to the Alan Wake 2 section. We’re going to be wary about spoilers; we hate them as much as you do, so if a page absolutely needs to touch on something that you would probably want to explore in your own experience, we’re going to warn you and spoiler tag."

This post marks our first one with a full game spoiler warning. We haven't played the game as we were initially rejected for a review code, so I can't promise that the reviews below don't contain spoilers. We have a couple of familiar community names that got early access, including Hidden Machine and Kranitoko. Both of those say that their reviews are without big reveals.

Below is a growing list; the codes were sent out to the press on Monday, so it was a tough turnaround for reviewers to get done in time, particularly if they're also getting through Cities: Skylines II or Spider-Man 2. We know that Patrick at PayneReactor will be following up later with a very nerdy review, as they received their code yesterday, and we expect many more websites to join them. Those with the asterisk next to them are video reviews.


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