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30th September 2023
Janina Gavankar Joins Alan Wake 2 Cast

Remedy has announced Janina Gavankar will be joining the Alan Wake 2 cast, portraying Federal Bureau of Control, Agent Kiran Estevez!

The announcement was originally made during the Los Angeles press event earlier this month, but details only started to emerge following the embargo lift this week. 

Posting on Twitter, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment) writes, "It is my utmost pleasure to welcome the brilliant, talented, lovely @Janina into the world of ALAN WAKE 2. She plays Kiran Estevez, an FBC agent monitoring the strange events around Bright Falls. I’m so happy we’re working together on this."

In a career spanning over two decades, she has starred in dozens of projects throughout TV and in movies, although it might be video games that you might know her best. In 2017, she portrayed Iden Versio in the campaign mode of Star Wars Battlefront II, and Tanta Sila in Forspoken.

Remedy Connections. While it would be her debut role in a Remedy title, Gavanka has worked with the studio in the past both in a professional and personal manner. Following the release of Quantum Break, she hosted a live reading of Time Knife with Patrick Heusinger, Marshall Allman, Amelia Rose Blair, Tyler Burton Smith, and Adam R. Wood on her YouTube channel. She later reprised her role as the moderator of the PAX Control panel celebrating the game's first anniversary. 

A Returning Name. Her character, Kiran Estevez, was established in Control's AWE DLC with the agent operating at the Lake House station in Bright Falls. She was also a key member in capturing Dr Emil Hartman after he had been consumed by the Dark Presence and ensured his return to the Federal Bureau of Control. 

Source & Photographs: Sam Lake, Twitter


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