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1st June 2023
Remedy x Airam Recreates Oh Deer Diner Thermos
[Limited Edition Run Launches September 2023]

Today, Remedy and Airam announced a collaborative project which sees Alan Wake's iconic blue Oh Deer Diner thermos, brought to life. The limited edition run will be available in September 2023, as part of the Alan Wake 2 launch celebrations. 

For the piece, Remedy teamed up with local specialists, Airam who is backed by almost a century of knowledge in rugged and quality thermos design. Established in the 1920s, the company originally focused on lighting but branched into the creation of the now-iconic red thermos bottles a decade later with the formation of their Punavuori-based glass factory. Although a household name, the partnership marks its first brand crossover. 

In a statement, Airam’s Marketing Director, Elina Tolonen, talked about the collaboration saying “The Oh Deer Diner thermos is an example of a fan product designed with authenticity and quality first in mind. We are happy with how a nearly 90-year-old classic product gets a new generation look inspired by a video game.”

On choosing to recreate the design, Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy) stated that "the thermos bottle has become a notorious little detail that has achieved cult status among the Alan Wake player community. Fans remember the achievement in the original game which the player earned after finding 100 hidden thermos bottles. In the sequel, the thermos plays a significantly more important role. This got us excited about the idea of creating an authentic Oh Deer Diner thermos for our fans.”

Following the press release, Thomas expanded on the process of bringing the project to life on Twitter. He posted "It took about 18 months to make the thermos happen from first discussion to final product on my desk. @MinnaEtsalo was my partner in crime and @vidaisonline provided copy writing magic. Fun to get to do something different at Remedy in a very different industry with Airam." A follow-up tweet later reads, "Want to shoutout Antti Ahokoivu, who filmed, edited and creatively partnered with me on the Airam Oh Deer Diner video. He has also shot a lot of Alan Wake 2 behind the scenes footage that is going to be rolled out. SO much cool stuff. Check him out at"

The limited edition Oh Deer Diner thermos is part of the launch celebrations for the highly-anticipated Alan Wake 2. The recreated thermos features a shiny bright white top and base, along with the recognizable pastel blue. The cafe's logo is prominently featured on the outside. For the piece, Airam is using its traditional 0.45-litre bottle with a high-quality glass interior. Look out for the launch of the Oh Deer Diner thermos in September 2023.

Along with the press release, Remedy also recorded a fun little video... 

Video Description: Sam is standing in front of an empty canteen at Remedy, the background is blurred but we can see the grey walks, illuminated lampshades, and yellow cabinets. The TV screen behind him shows the key art created for Alan Wake 2. Sam is dressed smartly, wearing a suit with a pale blue buttoned shirt.

Sam Lake: Hey. Sam Lake from Remedy. At Remedy, we are dreamers. We get an idea, we feel passionate about it and we go for it. Sometimes the journey can be long and winding. Countless hours of hard work from talented, brilliant people has gone into this. But now we are finally here, and we have something amazing to show you. 

Video Description: The speaker switches over to Vida in the same spot. She is wearing a black t-shirt and a musty-red polka-dot jumpsuit, along with apple slice earrings. 

Vida Starčević: For over twenty-five years, we've been making games, and you've been by our side. This idea has been percolating for a long time and we're brimming over with excitement to share what we've created with you. 

Video Description: The scene switches back to Sam. 

Sam Lake: This is turning a new page for us at Remedy. It feels me with warmth to present to you the hottest release of the year. 

Video Description: The scene changes to a tilt shot of the Oh Deer Diner thermos. It has a bright white cap and base, with the beloved cafe logo against a pale blue background. The text reads "the official Oh Deer Diner thermos by Airam, since 1921". Sam suddenly grabs it and the scene moves out. Dr Casper Darling (performed by Matthew Porretta) is standing in front of a line, holding out his Oh Deer Diner mug as Sam pours the coffee into it. He is dressed in the full outfit; white jacket, knitted vest, bowtie, and glasses. Behind him are eager faces craning over his shoulder for a look at the coffee. 

Sam Lake: This is the good stuff.

Video Description: Darling/Matthew mouths something. Although we can't hear it, from his facial expression we know his reaction is appreciative. Behind him is Ilkka Villi (the physical actor for Alan Wake) wearing a Cult of the Tree necklace over a black t-shirt, and his hair is pulled into a short ponytail. 

Sam Lake: It's surprisingly warm. 

Ilkka Villi: Thank you so much. 

Sam Lake: Here you go, Ilkka. Vida. 

Video Description: Ilkka walks away and Vida takes his spot. She holds out her Oh Deer Diner mug.

Sam Lake: Mmm. There's plenty more where this coming from. 


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