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17th March 2023
Acting Legend, Lance Reddick, Passes Away

Today, Lance Reddick's publicist has confirmed the sad news that the actor has passed away of natural causes at home.

The Remedy community will remember him fondly for his role in Quantum Break as the devious and dedicated Martin Hatch. And while the title was his first foray into the weird world of video games and motion capture it was by no means the only time. Later, players were treated as stepped into the role of  Zavala in Destiny 2 and Sylens in the Horizon series. It was probably no surprise that he was also a fellow nerd and geek who often sported a Star Trek t-shirt in photos and vlogs, and jumped into the Destiny series in his free time. 

Away from video games, he also appeared in a wide range of shows such as Lost, Fringe, The West Wing, Resident Evil, and Bosch, as well as taking on the role of Charon in the John Wick movie series. The comments that flooded social media since the news broke, show how deeply loved both as the characters he portrayed and the person he was, on the production side and with audiences across numerous fandoms.

Following the news of his passing, a number of people who worked with him on Quantum Break posted their memories of him on Twitter. We wanted to collect some of those to share who he was behind the camera.

Shawn Ashmore (Actor, Jack Joyce): "I was lucky enough to get to work and know him while making Quantum Break. Talented, kind, funny and very cool. Rest in peace." 

Mikko Rautalahti (Remedy's Story Team Manager on Quantum Break): "I just heard that Lance Reddick has passed away. I knew Lance a little bit; we worked together on Quantum Break. He was a very nice guy and a stone cold professional. He hadn't done motion capture work before and he was a little uncertain about it, but he really embraced it. He showed up super prepared, and he had that intensity you undoubtedly know if you've watched just about anything he was in. He could turn that on and off like it was on a switch, though; when he wasn't on, he was friendly and good to be around. A nice guy. He was one of those folks who really made an effort to make the game as good as it could possibly be. Some actors have that 'ehh, it's just a game' mentality. Not him. He took it seriously. We always felt that we were super lucky to get him. Hell of an actor."

Roosa Jokiaho (Remedy's Cinematic Scripter on Quantum Break): "There are no words…. This is truly devastatingly heartbreaking. Lance Reddick is absolutely phenomenal in Quantum Break (and everything else [he] is in) and getting to work with him has truly been one of the highlights of my career. Rest in peace legend."

Jacqueline Piñol (Actor, Dr. Sofia Amaral): "RIP sweet Lance. I am shocked and saddened by the news of @thereallancereddick passing. The world lost some of its magic today. He was a force. I had the pleasure of working alongside him on 2 projects. Having scenes with him was always such a gift. Lance was so giving and so funny and such a gentleman. My condolences to his beautiful wife and his doggies and his whole family. Gone too soon. Rest easy Lance."

Sam Lake (Creative Director on Quantum Break): "Shocked and sad to hear about Lance Reddick’s death. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him. He was very talented and dedicated. A very nice guy. My condolences to his family and friends."

Reddick often shared aspects of his life on his social media channels; the antics of his dogs, political matters close to his heart, random thoughts, his music, and more. While he played serious roles in suits, his social media was filled with warm smiles. One of my favourite mini-vlogs featured him responding to a comment from a fan who stated that his voice could make an ingredients list sound soothing. It's something that I wanted to reshare following the news. You can check it out, HERE

Our thoughts go out to those who knew him. 


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