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7th October 2023
Old Gods of Asgard's Rebirth - The Great Hits Tracklist & Sam Lake's Introduction Video

On the music side of things, we also had a couple of pieces of Poets of the Fall news this week! Following on from the recent Alan Wake 2 Behind the Scenes video, the studio recorded a special message with Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) introducing Poets of the Fall as their in-game alter-ego, Old Gods of Asgard. 

Initially shared by Sam on his Twitter page, the video has since been posted on the band's and developer's official channels. If you have watched the original behind-the-scenes video, the social media post won't reveal new information for you, but it's always great to see Sam and Poets, and we do get a glimpse of one of the recording sessions on the set. Take a look at it below...

Transcript: "Hey, Sam Lake from Remedy. We have been working with our dear friends, the wonderful, wonderful musicians Poets of the Fall, for twenty years, starting from Max Payne 2 with Late Goodbye and then upping the game and creating an in-world fictional band of Old Gods of Asgard for Alan Wake. Coming back to Alan Wake, we wanted to do even more. So, Poets of the Fall are coming back as Olds of Asgard. We have a number of amazing new songs and, what's more, how to up the game; we have Poets taking on the role of Old Gods of Asgard at the height of their power. The young version of the band. Here they are. Tor Anderson, Odin Anderson, "Fat" Bob Baulder. In the house!"

The second piece of news is the reveal of the Old Gods of Asgard - Rebirth tracklist! (If you missed it, the fictional band has a very real album coming!)

The album includes the four previously released songs by the band: Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse (as featured in Alan Wake), Balance Slays the Demon (from Alan Wake's American Nightmare), and Take Control (as heard in Control). The album is also set to include the new songs created for Alan Wake 2, plus album-only tracks.

We have the full list of the upcoming songs, but we don't yet know which ones were created just for the compilation. The new songs include The Skald Awakens, Dark Ocean Summoning, Anger's Remorse, Herald of Darkness, and The Sea of Night.

Old Gods of Asgard's Rebirth is set to launch on December 8th! You can pre-order the album at the band's official store, Backstage Rock Shop.


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