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29th November 2023
Alan Wake 2 Wins "Best Graphics" at the Lenovo 3DJuegos Awards 2023

The Lenovo 3DJuegos Awards 2023 took place at the Barceló Theater in Madrid yesterday.

Hosted by Álvaro Castellano (Director at 3DJuegos) and Cristinini (Twitch Streamer and Esports Reporter), the event celebrated the past twelve months of video games with awards spanning across thirteen categories.  

Unlike other award ceremonies, each category is split into two parts: two finalists and the overall winner. It's an unusual but positive variation in a year that brought so many amazing adventures. 

For Alan Wake 2, Lorenzo Beteta was named a Finalist in "Best Spanish Interpretation". After thirteen years, the actor returned to the series to provide Alan Wake's voice for the sequel's Spanish localisation. While it's been a while for the second part of the story, Lorenzo was never far from the series; his voice can also be heard in Control (Dr Casper Darling) and Control's AWE DLC (Alan Wake).

Alan Wake 2 was also named the overall winner of "Best Graphics", with close finalists Lords of the Fallen and Marvel's Spider-Man 2. While he couldn't be in attendance at the event, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) recorded a video (in Spanish!) accepting the award.

You can view the full list of winners and finalists HERE


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