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10th February 2022
CrossfireX Launches Today on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

Today's the day! The long-awaited CrossfireX is now out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles!

CrossfireX is a collaboration between Smilegate and Remedy which has been years in the making. For their latest title, Smilegate has developed the multiplayer campaign, introducing new maps and new gameplay modes for a new audience. In Finland, Remedy has been hard at work creating the single-player story campaign which has been split over two episodes; Operation Catalyst and Operation Spectre. Working with Xbox, CrossfireX is the first in the series to launch on console, making an exclusive debut on Xbox machines. 

With the launch, we have a brand new launch trailer...

Crossfire is available to play now, with multiplayer accessible through the Xbox Live Gold membership. Both Operation Catalyst and Operation Spectre can be purchased separately for $9.99 each. If you own Xbox Game Pass, you will be able to access the first pack for free. 

Congratulations to the development teams on their launch today! Go have some prosecco and lie down on the sofa for a while. 


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