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26th May 2023
GameSpot Talks to Sam Lake, Hannah Price, and Melanie Liburd on Building Saga Anderson

In preparation for the PlayStation Showcase, Mark Delaney (Editor at Gamespot) sat down with Sam Lake (Creative Director), Hannah Price (Performance Director), and Melanie Liburd (Actor) to talk about the process of bringing Saga Anderson to life. 

In Alan Wake 2, players will be introduced to Saga Anderson, the game's second protagonist. As an experienced FBI criminal profiler, her career has been a successful one; solving the toughest cases and being a highly prized asset to the team. The game begins when she is called out to investigate the death of Agent Nightingale. In her journey, her experiences begin to mirror that of Alan Wake, as she begins to find pieces of a manuscript which is becoming true before her. Through her perspective, we learn more about Wake's own journey in The Dark Place. 

In their discussion with Mark, Melanie reveals that "Once you start playing it, it makes sense why she appears and why she needs to be there because she does need to be there. Alan needs Saga, and Saga needs Alan. And that is the main thing that fans will understand when they see her." As such a pivotal character, Saga's creation was the formation of a discussion between the dev team and the actress. In the piece, we learn tidbits about her background, an exciting teaser for more later in the year. 

It's a wonderfully written piece with a brilliant interview from a fellow Alan Wake fan. You can read the full article on the Gamespot website, HERE


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