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28th November 2023
Open Creative House x SHINE's Alan Wake 2 Case Study [Slush 2023]

Later this week, Slush will open its doors in Helsinki! In addition to fantastic banner creation, Slush is a place for new companies to find inspiration and financial backing. The event is particularly targeted at start-ups, founders, operators, and investors to network, attend panels, find financial backers, and take part in new ventures. The main event, held on the turnover of the month, is also surrounded by side events, one of which may be of particular interest! 

Tomorrow, Open Creative House x SHINE! will kick off at Keilaniemi Musiiki Satama with a packed schedule exploring stories of international growth in the creative industry. 

A key moment of the event will be their case study (in English) on Alan Wake 2! The panel is due to feature Ville Sorsa (Principal Audio Designer at Remedy), Olli Tukiainen (Old Gods of Asgard/Poets of the Fall's Lead Guitarist), Petri Alanko (Alan Wake 2's Composer) and Riku Salomaa (CEO of Fried Music).

For Alan Wake 2, Remedy worked with Poets of the Fall as they returned to their role as Old Gods of Asgard. The developers also started a collaboration with Fried Music, to create a selection of songs thematically connected to the story and without the concern of expiring music licences. 

As well as being a domestic success, Alan Wake 2 was selected due to being "a model example of the successful cooperation of players in the music, AV and game industries of the future. The game's impressive music content was made together with top artists and producers in the music industry using the song camp method used in pop productions." (Translated using Google Translate.)

You can learn more about the event, HERE

 Open Creative House x SHINE! Event Programme

13:00 - Creative Finland and Open Creative House: Introductions & Pitches 

14:00 - New Financing Models for Creative Industries (Panel Discussion)

15:30 - Structural Disruption of the Creative Industry - Artificial Intelligence: Threat or Opportunity? (Panel Discussion) 

17.00 - MUSIC + AV + GAMES - Case Study Alan Wake 2 – Creative Collaboration for the Growth (ENG, Panel Discussion)

18:00 - Networking

19:00 - Artists 

21:00 - DJ 

23:00 - Event Ends


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