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30th July 2023
Creative Bloq Talks To Creagh-Peschau & Richter on Alan Wake 2's Weather, Flora and Gore

This week, Creative Bloq published a new interview with Ciara Creagh-Peschau (Photogrammetry Artist, Alan Wake 2) and Johannes Richter (Head of VFX, Alan Wake 2) on how their team is helping to set the scene in Remedy's upcoming adventure.

In their talk with Jess Kinghorn, they talk about weather changes, flora species, gore and moss friends. It's an interesting read and definitely an area that we don't often hear about in game development!

In the piece, we learn that work on the sequel began before the pandemic, with a research team travelling to the Pacific Northwest to get the look and feel of the area the game would encapsulate. Bringing the player into that setting requires a lot of attention to detail, some obvious and some a little more hidden but adding massively to the overall feel. 

"I travelled to the Remedy Entertainment's studio in Espoo, Finland, to investigate how the developer teases out terror from between these virtually recreated trees. In order to accurately represent the Pacific Northwest, foliage and photogrammetry artist Ciara Creagh-Peschau tells me that, in addition to a research trip in 2019, the team have also pored over plenty of scientific surveys documenting the biology of the area..."

Read Jess' interview with Ciara and Richter, HERE


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