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28th October 2023
Makia x Remedy Teams Up For New Alan Wake 2 "Cult Collection" Clothing Range

Yesterday, Remedy Entertainment and Makia revealed their new collaboration, a clothing range to mark the release of Alan Wake 2. The Cult Collection is exclusive to the Makia store, available both online via their website (with international shipping), and at physical stores in Helsinki, Raisio, and Oulu.

In their announcement, Makia states, "Alan Wake, the multi-award-winning game and global success story by Remedy Entertainment, represents the very finest of the Finnish gaming industry. Together with Remedy, we have designed a 'Cult Collection' to tell stories from darkness – and celebrate the long-awaited release of the sequel, Alan Wake II. The unisex streetwear collection draws inspiration from the nightmarish world of Alan Wake and the enigmatic Cult of Tree featured in the sequel. Characterized by the cult’s emblems and deer masks worn by the cultists, the collection evokes the eerie and unsettling feel of a small town with a big secret"

There are eleven pieces to choose from, including jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even a hat. All pieces have been exclusively designed using iconic imagery from the sequel. As the company is based in Finland, the prices of the items match local prices, which can be a little on the pricey side compared to other countries. The cost of the pieces ranges from 44€ for t-shirts to 169€ for jackets. 

You can see the full collection at Makia, HERE


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