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21st October 2023
Khee Hoon Chan Looks Back on the Legacy of Max Payne 2 for

This month marks Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne's 20th Anniversary, and to celebrate, Khee Hoon Chan recently looked back on the game's legacy and influence with a special article celebrating one of their favourite shooters for Game Developer. 

For the piece, they reached out to a number of developers in the industry to talk about the adventure's endurance, including Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Studio Head at Strange Scaffold) Katherine Baskin (Social & Community at Arrowhead Game Studios), Peter Hajba (Audio Designer at Avalanche Studios, and former Sound Designer, Animator, and Graphic Artist on Max Payne 2) and Max Ylitalo (Lead Level Designer at Ion Fury). 

"The shooter itself feels almost operatic, characterized by how it elevates what worked so well in the original: its slow-mo, bullet time gun-fu, relentlessly elaborate shootouts, and that rich, grimy film noir atmosphere," Writes Khee Hoon. "Despite its age, the vintage shooter’s legacy still rings today, even with Remedy largely pivoting to horror-adjacent games like Control and Alan Wake."

You can read their full article, HERE


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