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3rd November 2023
The Stupendium's Alan Wake 2- Inspired Song, The Ribbon, ft. Cami-Cat

This afternoon, The Stupendium shared their latest brilliant song, The Ribbon, inspired by Alan Wake 2

Remedy nerds may be best familiar with their Control-inspired piece, Slide Into The Void, a hugely ambitious piece which perfectly recreated the look and style of the quirky adventure. For this outing, things definitely got stepped up a notch, with a collaboration with Epic Games and Remedy Entertainment to bring a life-sized version of Bird Leg Cabin to life. 

Their latest work is generally safe for those avoiding spoilers, capturing the overall atmosphere of the experience, revisiting the end of the original game, and exploring pre-established details revealed early on in Alan Wake 2's marketing to build the song and narrative. Check out it below!

Writing on his channel, The Stupendium revealed how the project came to be, "I’ve been so excited to release this for the longest time! Way back in 2020, when I released Slide Into the Void for Remedy’s ‘Control’ (one of my favourite games in recent memory), they reached out to me and expressed an interest in maybe working together in future. So when Alan Wake 2 was announced, I immediately reached out in kind. A song touching on themes of creator vs creation and artistic legacy whilst also occupying the fantastically weird world of the Remedyverse? Sign me up!

"What followed was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, video production I’ve yet attempted! Four solid days of shooting, the largest set we’ve ever built based on Remedy’s own schematics for the version built for the game’s live-action sequences. Not only that, but Remedy were kind enough to send me multiple props and costume pieces that were used when filming for the actual game! The cultist costumes, their masks, Saga’s unique sweater, the books, the desk lamp, all the 100% genuine props you’ll see in the game!

"Together, Remedy and Epic have been so fantastic to work with, providing in-depth access and references for the game way ahead of release so I was able to research and write and placing incredible faith in my crazy ideas. Projects on this scale are both a joy and a nightmare to pull together, and I couldn’t have done it without their support!"

You can more about the project and their team on their YouTube, HERE


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