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16th September 2023
IGN First Explores The Movies & TV Shows That Inspired Alan Wake 2

IGN First recently delved into the inspirations behind Remedy's upcoming game, Alan Wake 2. In the new eight-minute video, the developers talk about the appeal and overlap between the detective and horror genres, across different mediums, and how they built both in their experience.

We hear from Molly Maloney (Principal Narrative Designer), Sam Lake (Creative Director), and  Kyle Rowley (Game Director) who explore in more depth, the titles that influenced the title, including a deep dive into True Detective, Silence of the Lambs, Twin Peaks, Seven and more!

You can watch the interview below or on the IGN YouTube channel, HERE

"We talked to Remedy about the movies and TV shows that inspired Alan Wake 2 and their survival horror games. Remedy has long been a studio that wears its influences on its sleeve. From the hard-boiled police files of Max Payne to the New Weird foundations of Control, movies, TV shows, and books have long served as inspiration. This is no different in Alan Wake 2, which blends horror and detective fiction in creatively unsettling ways. We talked to Remedy to find out why these genres work so well together, discuss some of the game’s cultural touchstones, and how they bleed their way into the survival horror story, characters, and gameplay."


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