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19th October 2023
Sam Lake Reveals Poe x Remedy Collaboration for New Alan Wake 2 Song

Alan Wake was a game filled with incredible music, from Roy Orbison's In Dreams to David Bowie's Space Oddity. Among the list was Poe, whose breath-taking Haunted quickly became a memorable and fan-favourite track. Tonight, Sam Lake (Creative Director) revealed a brand new collaboration with Poe, which would see the artist return for the sequel with a new track, This Road (AW)

The announcement was made on the developer's Twitter page. 

Sam Lake: Poe, I can hear music in the Dark Place.
Poe: Sam, I can hear it too. 

Poe is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer whose music career kicked off in 1994 when she signed to Modern Records. By 1995, she released her first album, Hello, which received raved reviews and received a Gold certification in the US. Five years later, she was back with the album, Haunted, which contained its iconic track of the same name. 

The announcement comes a couple of days after Sam posted a video on Instagram of sitting down with Poe as part of his coffee appreciation TikTok series.


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