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17th October 2023
Finnish Clothing Brand, Makia, Teases Alan Wake 2 Collaboration

Looking to refresh your wardrobe? Yesterday, Finnish clothing company Makia shared a teaser on social media hinting towards a new collaboration with Remedy for a special Alan Wake 2 project.

The teaser features an edited cinematic of Alan hesitantly approaching a ringing telephone in the Dark Place. He picks up and pulls the receiver to his ear, "Hello?" The voice on the other end asks if this is Alan Wake and if he knows who he talking to. When Alan doesn't recognise the voice, the mystery caller reveals himself as "I'm the guy from Makia."Alan thumps the receiver down. The closing image features the iconic two vertical triangles with accompanying text reading "Makia Alan Wake II. Stories from Darkness".

Established in 2001, Makia is a Finnish clothing design and manufacturer that focuses on making simple and functional pieces that endure. Other recent local collaborations include with the national airline, Finnair, and artist, Tom of Finland. You can visit their website, HERE

Alan Wake 2 has been the subject of several collaborations in recent months including Airam (Oh Deer Diner Thermos), Spiral House Ltd, Zen Creative Studios, and Epic Games (Fortnite's Alan Wake Flashback), and PUBG Studios. 


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