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16th October 2023
Examine "The Road to Alan Wake 2" in Kranitoko's New Documentary

In a new video, Charlie Murray (aka Kranitoko), looks back over the past thirteen years, examining the journey that the developers had taken to bring Alan Wake 2 to life. As well as being a perfect introduction of the struggles for newer fans, it also is a must-watch for those more familiar with the series as it packs everything in one neat recap bundle.

As well as being a long-time Alan Wake fan, Kranitoko has been a big part of the community over the years. An active member of the Official Alan Wake Forums (now discontinued) and admin of the Alan Wake Wiki, his passion for the series has never diminished, and you can feel it in the video. He takes a critical and enthusiastic look, from the build-up to Alan Wake's launch to the road ahead for the series.

You can watch The Road to Alan Wake 2 - A Documentary on Kranitoko's channel or below: 

00:00 - Introduction
01:19 - Part One: The Launch of Alan Wake
08:31 - Part Two: The Initial Development of Alan Wake 2
11:19 - Part Three: Alan Wake's American Nightmare
16:02 - Part Four: Quantum Break
25:39 - Part Five: Control
32:28 - Part Six: The Remedy Connected Universe
40:00 - Part Seven: Alan Wake 2
50:40 - Part Eight: The Road Ahead.


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