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26th December 2023
PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2023

It's been an incredible year and reception for Alan Wake 2, and it's not over just yet. In time for the holidays, Playstation has revealed the results of their community-voted Game of the Year Awards. 

These awards are a little unusual but in a very good way! In keeping with the PlayStation theme and awards, each category has been split into four sections: the overall winner (Platinum Trophy) and three runner-ups (Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies). It's a lovely way to celebrate not just the overall highest-voted game but also the contenders who attracted players to cheer and support the titles. Instead, it removes the pressure of being first and puts multiple adventures in the spotlight. 

For the PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2023, Alan Wake 2 won the following trophies...
- Silver Trophy for Best Story. 
- Gold Trophy for Graphical Showcase.
- Platinum Trophy for Best Art Direction. 
- Gold Trophy for Best Audio Design
- Silver Trophy for Best Use of Dualsense
- Bronze Trophy for Game of the Year

Taking home the Platinum Trophy, the highest award in Art Direction, PlayStation commented on the game's artistic strengths. "Remedy blends the realistic and surreal to deliver striking, dreamlike visuals. Alan Wake 2 innovatively merges moody in-game graphics with live-action footage projected into the game world. The result is an unpredictable, reality-bending world where anything could happen. The effect ranges from startling, screen-filling flashes to climactic set-piece moments like an unforgettably dramatic musical sequence that must be experienced to be believed. This is Remedy’s visual storytelling at its best."

You can read the full list of winners at the PlayStation Blog, HERE


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