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1st February 2022
CrossfireX Pre-Orders Bundles Now Available
[& Pre-Loading on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S consoles]

As we tick over into February, we are now officially ten days away from the launch of CrossfireX! Smilegate has promised new information and new teasers as we approach the big day. Starting today, players can now pre-order the game and reload it onto their Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

CrossfireX, Operation Spectre, and Operation Catalyst are all listed as separate entities on the store page but are not available to purchase individually, at least at the moment. There's also a mention of CrossfireX Premium Battle Pass Season 1, which we'll likely hear more about in the coming days.

Source: CrossfireX Twitter Page

For now, there are three pre-order listings on the Xbox website...

CrossfireX Originator's Package[Pre-Order Bundle Only] This is specifically for players who want to jump into the multiplayer action. As a pre-order exclusive package (leaving the store on February 10th), players can receive CrossfireX, [Character] Gordon, AUSTEYR-88 Desert, and an EXP Boost (30%) for three days. ($9.99)

CrossfireX Founder's Package. [Pre-Order Bundle Only]  Similar to the other pre-order bundle, the Founder's package is focused on the multiplayer feature and will leave the store on launch day. With the bundle, players can unlock CrossfireX, [Character] Knox, SC-556 Pearl Craft, 500 CFP, EXP Boost (30%) for seven days, and GP Boost (30%) for seven days. ($14.99)

CrossfireX Ultimate Package. The final bundle is the most expensive, but is filled with some interesting goodies! Included in the pack, you will get CrossfireX, Operation Catalyst, Operation Spectre, Crossfire Premium Battle Pass Season 1, and the GATLING GUN Gold Wing. ($29.99 currently $24.99)

If you're an XBOX Game Pass owner, you will have access to Operation Catalyst (the first of the two single-player campaigns) on February 10th, through the program.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming adventure, we've also got official synopsis for both Remedy packs!

Operation Catalyst Synopsis: 
Experience the first part of the CrossfireX single-player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Catalyst, take control of a Global Risk Unit as they traverse through enemy territory in order to save their captured squadmate and uncover the dark secrets of the Black List Mercenary Group.

Operation Spectre Synopsis:
Witness the aftermath of Operation Catalyst firsthand in the second part of the CrossfireX single-player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Spectre, join the Black List Mercenaries on a mission to infiltrate a moving cargo train and extract dangerous intel before it reaches the Global Risk base. New tools are now at your disposal including the legendary Spectre Suit, a tactical game-changer.


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